Technologically Impaired Duck

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memes check out my new website cusersduckdocuments

memes a new era

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memes hard drive fix suspension

memes friend said they wrote on my wall report them for vandalism

memes desktop is full buy new computer

memes just printed a gif its not moving

memes im not gay so why is everyone saying i should check my hot male

memes technologically impaired duck thermostat

memes technologically impaired duck itunes

memes oh lawd

memes trojan detected nice try greece

memes went to dentist for bluetooth

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memes oh rick astley i love rick astley

memes i just wanna know

memes computer fan is too loud turn down volume

memes watching gif when is this video over

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    the last one is the best

  • 1

    STUPID DUCK!! lol

    • Blue
    • May 31, 2011, 7:01 am
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