Tales of Grayscale: The Story of Ralph

i dont expect anyone to read all this... but i felt accomplished.

how it started. (all of this via facebook chat)

me- im bored.

megan- me too.

me- ugh.

megan- amuse me.

me- how?

megan- write me a story.


me- once upon a time...

there was a young lad named ralph.

he was the long forgotten prince of king juju.

ralphs mother, queen alpharetta, gave him up for adoption when he was born.

king juju had no knowledge of this as he was fighting war for 2 years away from home.

upon the end of the war the kingdom of grayscale was victorious.

one day, little ralph was in the city. he was of a common family.

he was a beggar. he lived with his adoptive parents, jed and sam. his mother sam was very protective.

on this day that they were out and about, begging for food, nourishment, clothing, and coin of the such, queen alpahretta stopped, and asked ralph his name.

"ralph" he says. and she says, my, that is a wonderful name. i have a son by the same name.

"i didnt know you had children ma'am" he replied. "its a secret. you cant tell" she said.

and he became filled with excitement upon being trusted to with hold a "royal secret"!

"who are your parents" asked the queen

my mother is sam, short for samantha. and my father is jed of coranton. they are very loving, and do everything they can to show me their love" he replied to her

"oh my!"

said the queen

"may i meet your parents?" she inquired

"of course!" he replied with exuberance... "ma! pa! the queen wants to meet you!" he began running and shouting

upon hearing this, the couple looked at each other with amazement. as the queen and the family had promised to never tell anyone of the adoption.

the queen had hand picked this family not because of their wealth or lack thereof, but because of their love, both what they showed for each other, and for those around them.

and they were incapable of conceiving a child of their own.

"we meet again, under quite ironic circumstances dont we" the queen smiled as she directed towards jed and sam. "that we do" they smiled and greeted back.

the boy at this point was utterly confused, "ma! pa! how do you know the queen!"

all at once, they all got quiet and began to look around.. the parents, unsure whether this was the appropriate time to reveal the childs true heritage..

"what if i told you ralph, that your blood was a part of royal lineage..." the queen inquisitively directed her question toward him...

"what do you mean ma'am?" he asked

what if i told you, that your rightful place was at the castle atop the hill?" she said...

"you mean... my parents... are not my parents?" he asked very mellowing...

"not at all the case!" the queen said. "your parents love you dearly! and a parent does not give birth to you, but in turn directs your life..." she explained.

"ralph, parents are meant to love. and i feel so terrible that i never showed you the love you needed, but your father was not ready for a child... your birth father. as he was too busy waging wars to raise a family, and i knew i couldnt do it on my own. i wanted you to have all the love you needed to grow into a fine young man... as you are now..."

"so you mean... my father... is the king?" ralph asked...

"yes, he is" she told him. "how would you like to come home?" she asked... "but what about my ma and pa!" he objected...

the queen smiled very big, and said "what if they could come with you, and live in the palace"... "of course thats if they wanted"...

all at once the parents were filled with joy and tears... immediately she insisted that they pack their most valuable collections and order the carriage outside at once to take them to the castle, and help them with any moving they may have

the queen went to the king and explained the ordeal to him, and how she couldnt bear knowing that their child and the ones who have loved for them have worked so hard and diligently and had so little. the king at once held his loving wife and apologized for never being there for the family first.

that night there was a giant feast. a feast in which all of royalty and all of peaseantry was invited.

but there was evil amiss-

the wicked witch gertrude has gathered forces against the royal family...

as the feast began, the king had not yet made the announcement...

hoping that there would be a giant reckoning and celebration of the warm homecoming...

but not long after the family started, the evil knight martin beseeched the castle with his gang of misfits, orcs, and elves of the such... unleashing an onslaught of magic, archery, and brutal fighting...

at once the king secretly ordered the boy away and told the queen and his parents to keep him safe and tell no one his identity.

so the kings personal guard had them hidden away, and took them to the only secret exit in the castle... at the end of which, they were all set with horses, and quick and necessary supplies and given directions to a safe house that only select few know about that was a safe distance away.

they were told that word would be sent to them as soon as possible.

meanwhile- the seige broke on-

king juju and the evil knight martin were raging battle.

both peasants and royalty alike fighting for king and kingdom

but atop the keep lied the most dangerous marksman of all...

the elf named jorgan...

of witherdrom...

this elf was no normal elf.

this elf had raised himself, in shadows, deep in the forests, this elf was vile... evil... a monster... and had no mercy...

jorgan had tipped his arrow with a venom from a deadly arceus snake... the arceus snakes venom was strong enough to take down an elephant with just a couple drops..

as he unquivered his arrow... and stretched back on the bow, he was completely unseen...

a hundred yards away, he closes his eyes... and focuses...

the wind breathes ever so slightly... he feels the moment... exhales... and release...

the arrow slides across the air, through the smoke of the battle... and pierces the heart of the king....

after seeing the king goes down, he knows the plan had worked perfectly, and ordered his orcs and the elves back to the woods and to retreat...

the king falls to his knees and feels his lifeforce draining...

the remaining stragglers were slain as the retreated and barricades were reenforced...

the king thanked his people, all of them for the love and support they have shown him over the years... and with his moment, he reaches for the duke melrand, and whispers in his ear- "there is an heir"...

and he fades away...

duke melrand was shocked upon hearing this, and knew that is was important in the revival of the kingdom, and that he must find him.

just then word makes it to him about escapees that had made it to the safe house, private and known only to the kings bodyguard, the queen, and the duke himself.. among only the most important of advisors. "who could this be, that the king would send them away to his personal stronghold? surely this must be the heir" he thought to himself...

duke melrand had helped with the relieving effort in the castle, and did his best to catch a few hours of sleep before the sunrise... an act of which that was in vain... as the sunlight broke, he gathered 12 of the strongest warriors in all of the kingdom, and went to the safe house across the way...

upon arrival the kings personal guard met them before they made their way inside.

"i imagine you have heard word of the kings son?" the guard said to melrand.

"i have benor. you did well to get them away from such a battle unseen. your sure you werent followed?" he asked.

"yes, sir. i followed from a distance to be sure of it. as well as scoped the area from outside through the night. we are surely alone sir. and only us know this place even exists" benor explained

"right, then should we go inside and talk to the boy?" said the duke

"aye, sir. we should. but be warned the boy is fresh on his knowledge of his lineage, and still in shock from the events of last night" said benor.

"understood benor. but today, he is no longer a boy. as he becomes a man. and the king of our beloved kingdom of greyscales..." said melrand apologetically...

"you dont mean-"

"yes... im afraid i do" melrand finished the thought...

"aye, sir. long live the king" as he raised his sword. "long live the king!" the 12 warriors along with the duke all whelted.

as the door open, ralph opened his eyes, only to see the morning sun.

"what happened?" he inquired. his family too scared to ask...

benor stepped to ralph, and put his hand upon the side of his face and said "be brave son. one day you will be remembered for what you do after today..."

and the duke walked to the queen, and dropped to his knee, and pulled out a ring with the family crest of greyscale... and laid it in her hand, and dropped his head...

upon this act of great compassion and sorrowness, she tried as hard as she could to hold back tears, and lifted him up off of his knee, and said to him, "today is the day for sorrow, but today is also the day for rebirth and joy, for i now have a blessing in life in my son. all is not lost".

upon this she walked to her beloved son, and got on her knee and opened his hand, and placed the ring in it..

"what does this mean?" said ralph...

when he asked, the queen could not bear to speak... she was choken with tears... his father jed, stepped across the room. and took the ring, and put it on his finger, in doing so said "today my boy... you become the king of greyscale. you become everything we ever told you to dream of."

ralph filled with shock and fear had nothing else to say except "what do i do? i cant do this... im not strong enough..."

hearing this benor stepped up to him and drew his sword and said "hold my sword."

ralph grabbed it, and it fell to the ground so heavy. he step back and readjusted his weight, and slung it up and held it in front of him.

"dont ever say you are not strong enough. when i was born, like you i was given away. but unlike you, i was not given into a family with love. i was beaten. i was worked. i was hardened from a drunken father and a non existent mother. your father saw me during a parade one day. he pulled me upon his wagon and sat me next to him when i was but a boy. and he asked me "son, what is it you do for fun amongst the kingdom?"... and i didnt know what to reply. all i could say was "sir, i dont know... i work"

and the king was bewildered by my statement. and said but i was a boy and too young to work. then he noticed the scarring upon my body, and asked me to point out my father. when i did i almost couldnt believe what happened next. he approached my father and told him that he had no appreciation for true greatness, and that he would work for his own wine for the rest of his drunken days. and he took me in.. he trained me. loved me. cared for me. not just as a son of his own, but as a friend. taught me everything. you are strong enough. you are stronger than i ever was at your age. i will aid you in any way that i know how in order to honor the man that was your father. i will do every thing to aid you in the becoming of a man just like him"

the boy was amazed at this and also inspired. "who were the ones who stormed the castle last night" he asked

the duke replied " that was the doing of the banished with gertrude and her shunned dark night martin. indeed these are two of the vilest creatures on earth, and their armies also led by the elf jorgan of witherdrom...

should you choose, now would be a good time to retaliate, as they are unaware of your existence, and merely killed the king to destroy the kingdom of greyscale as we know it. we have you, and with you, we can wage battle with them and turn the tides, and save the kingdom."

ralph sat and thought to hisself momentarily...

"though i may not be king as my father was, and though i may be but a young man, they will pay for what they did. and the people they hurt." in saying this, ralph picked the sword up and readied himself.

"to the hellforge we will ride! to black out the night and kill every damned on of them bastards who took our beloved king and kinsman!" shouted benor as he raised his fist to the sky

"aye!" they all seconded him

they all rode into the city. the duke in front, and held a gathering at the castle of grayscale. all of the town attended, and the duke gave his speech at his side.

"today, we mourn our beloved king. but even more, we relish in the fact that not all has fallen beneath us! today, the son of juju steps forth... and takes rightful place at the throne"...

all at once the crowd was filled with exasperation and gasped.

"for this is truly the kings son, and now your new king. it is so" benor annouced. "and i vow to protect him, even to death, as i did for the previous king. never shall his death be in vain! long live the king!" he shouted.

"LONG LIVE THE KING!" they all shouted back... and at that moment they all fell to their knees to worship the new king ralph as he stepped forward

"today, we will avenge our fallen king." he said

"AYE!" said the crowd

"today we will avenge our kinsman" said king ralph

"AYE!" said the crowd

"and today, we fight for greyscale!" one last shout from ralph...

"AYE! LONG LIVE KING RALPH!" they crowd cheered.

"i just hope i dont let them down..." he said under his breath.

"sir i have knew your father his whole life, and i think that sir benor would agree when i say this, but if you are half the man your father was, you will be exactly what this land needs"... said duke melrand.

"aye" said benor.

"benor will take you now and train you until it is time for battle. if you are ok with it sir, i can organize the battle strategy, as i was the kings advisor for war during his reign... i believe i may be able to help you in organizing this scheme?" said the duke

"thank you," said ralph, "i do not believe i am yet equipped with the knowledge to win war on my own yet"

"yes sir, i will draw the council in and we will discuss the strategy. and of course sir i will tell you what our scheme is before we approve it and pass it to the men." said melrand

"aye, thank you melrand. thank you dearly" said ralph

later that day, ralph and melrand squared off in the practice arena to train will the other guards in the keep.f

"first sir, to win a sword fight, you must be able to control your emotions. even with the greatest of fighters, the strongest of warriors, and the finest of blades, you can win with both cunning and by causing them to lose their emotion" said benor

"aye benor... emotion and cunning"

"aye sir." said benor

"i have trained with my father since i was but a lad, but only with wooden swords...

they are much lighter than that of these steel ones... i dont know if im strong enough to hold them?"

"well sir... here is a wooden one, and i will use the same for now."

"shall we?" said king ralph.

"aye sir!" said benor with a grin.

all at once ralph was dancing, slashing, turning, and jabbing at benor. surprising benor indeed, as well as exited, sir benor was also overwhelmed by the speed and precision of lord ralph

"heiyahhh!" ralph spun and hatched at the gut of benor. they stood there as the sword was holding steady just at the stomach of benor and all went silent...

"the last man to best me was indeed your father sir ralph. indeed you have trained well, even as a young lad. you will do this country great good in the coming years. perhaps it is not i that needs to be teaching you?" benor laughed

"perhaps it is the strength you possess that would complete me as a warrior sir benor?" king ralph replied.

at the end of the session they both put away their wooden swords and went to dinner.

that night, the queen also invited jed and sam as well as the duke and benor to the meal.

"as i say to you, for raising such a wonderful man, and showing him the love i was never capable of, i want to induct you into the royal family sir jed and miss sam... should you have this family you will be outfitted with the crest of our beloved family and your family in the years to come will always be welcomed and have a home in castle greyscale" inquired the queen

"i never thought id be called a sir" said jed to the queen...

"thank you.. so much... for everything... and blessing us with a child... we accept indeed." said jed

"as it is done, and it shall be in the years to come, do i hear a second to this motion to bring sir jed, and miss sam to our family?" said the queen

"aye! we second!" said benor and duke melrand

then let us eat. for by the weeks end we will be at war with the great witch gertrude...

upon the end of the meal sir benor stood and said "thank you dearly for this queen alpharetta, as i must be excused now". "indeed" said the queen. and benor was excused benor made his way to the kingdoms most prestiged smith, deckard

"do what do i owe the pleasure of your company this late sir benor?" asked deckard

"well sir, the king has not quite grown large enough to use a full size sword, and has much practiced with a wooden sword his whole life. but i must say, a boy of 17 is very adept at his swordsmanship.

do you think you could create a sword light enough for him to weild, and you yourself present it to him on tomorrow eve?" said benor

"aye sir! itd be my pleasure and honor. i have here a newer lighter, stronger material in chamilidite that should do the trick. i have not yet made a blade of it yet. but it will be the lightest and strongest blade in all of greyscale"

"aye, thank you deckard. we will feast tomorrow and you can give it to him then" said benor upon leaving

"aye sir, thank you for your visit" said deckard

the next eve, they gathered for dinner. as this was the last night before the storm on the hellforge to wage war with the witch gertrude and the dark knight martin

"sir i have a gift for you, that i wish that you would accept. and i have invited the man that created your gift to present it to you." said benor

"of course benor, what is it?" asked king ralph

"sir deckard, please come in" motioned benor

"sir ralph, i have spent the day away creating a blade fit only for a king. forged from that of a new material known as chamilidite. no other sword in all nations has ever been forged of it. and it sir, it yours" said the smith

"why sir deckard, i thank you so much..." ralph took the sword and gave it a few draws and lashes, "its light?" he inquired.

"aye," said benor "it is made light to match the skill of your speed, and not to slow you down. yet strong enough to hold its weight with that of any other sword. it truly is the sword for a king, and the perfect sword for you sir," said benor

"i thank you both greatly,"said ralph. "now let us rest, for tomorrow we make way for the hellforge.

and we do not know those of us that may come back. i do hope to see you all here upon the eves of future"

upon the morning of the next day, the armies were gathered, the troops were readied, and the duke and council informed the king of his best options upon entering the battle. all the while sir benor visited the grave of the king.

as he approached the grave he dropped to a knee, and began to say a prayer for him. "God, you blessed me, with a man of great faith and much wisdom. of which he passed to me and i am greatful for. and now i have the pleasure to pass that on to his only son as he did for me. i thank you. and i pray that you king juju are watching over us on this day, and you pass your prowess to your son. keep him safe. he is just like you... Lord bless us on this day, and thank you for all of your blessings... Amen"

minutes later the king addressed the crowds.

"Sons of greyscale!... I am king ralph!"

"king ralph is seven feet tall!" said one of the men

"Yes, I have heard! He kills men by

the hundreds! And if he were here,

he would consume the English with

fireballs from his eyes, and bolts

of lightning from his arse!" mocked king ralph

"I am king ralph. And I see a whole army of

my countrymen, here in defiance of

tyranny. You have come to fight as

free men. And free men you are! What

will you do with that freedom? Will you


"Against that? No! We will

run -- and we will live!" said one of the soldiers

"Aye. Fight and you may die. Run and

you will live, at least awhile. And

dying in your bed many years from

now, would you be willing to trade

all the days from this day to that,

for one chance, just one chance...

to come back here, and tell our enemies that

they make take our lives, but they

will never take our freedom!" shouted king ralph

558251 3031565127690 1515852478 n - tales of grayscale: the story of ralph

if you didnt get that reference... go jump off a cliff.

and all at once the men were inspired, "to the hellforge!" they all shouted, and on they went, marching to the depths of true evil

as they neared some of the elves were posted as watches, and were bewildered by the sight of so many men that were ready to tear the hellforge apart

quickly gathering the orcs and the elves, the dark knight martin addressed them saying "today we crush those who oppose us! today we crush the hopes and dreams of greyscale! TODAY WE MAKE OUR MARK ON HISTORY AS THE STRONGEST FORCE IN ALL OF HISTORY! WE ANNIHILATE EVERYTHING!" they all charged forth to battle with the armies of greyscale, murderously fast, and ready to spill blood...

alas the swords struck, and blood was spilt. and the ground became red, and stricked with death

tearing through the ranks were both ralph and next to him benor. benor using his brute strength and just mauling the orcs. and on the other hand, ralphh was dashing through and slashing his enemies, his speed unmatched

in the middle of the battle the eyes of martin and ralph met... in that moment, ralph knew he was in for more than just a training...

staring each other down, benor assured him "you are ready. remember your training. and remember your skill. you can do this. no one else but you"

time seemed to slow down, and the outside battle seemed to fade away, and it was just them on the field.

in they went, and started battle. martins strength no match for ralph, but he kept his feet moving, and used his cunning to his advantage. "you are but a boy, why dare you cross swords with me in a mans battle!" he shouted in disgust.

battle continued on, and they kept hacking at each other. martin landed a slice on the shoulder of ralph. "sir ralph!" shouted benor, "away!" said ralph. "i am fine!' he assured him.

"you are done. you have been outmanned. i told you this is no place for a boy." smirked martin.

"only a coward would strike a castle and kill innocent people. only a coward with much to prove to someone who doesnt have his approval. is this why you fight under the witch? because you are not equal and seek her approval? you are nothing..." said ralph.

"hwaraaaagh!" shouted martin as he went in for the kill. and just then ralph ducked, and rolled, while turning back and slashing at the back of martin.

a deadly blow indeed.

from there martin fell to the ground with just a moment of conciousness... "why am i here?" said ralph... "because you led the onslaught that killed my father. the TRUE king." said ralph. "noooo... you mean... all is in vain... we have failed..." said martin. "you have failed. FOR GREYSCALE!" shouted ralph as he pierced the tip of the chamillidite blade through the chest of martin...

battle was clearing out, and both ranks were wearing thin. "up there sir!" shouted benor as he pointed to a lookout atop the hellforge "that is the elf jorgan! whos arrow pierced the heart of our beloved king!"

"on this day, shall my arrow pierce his heart," said ralph as he picked up the bow from a fallen soldier. he drew back, and lashed forth, piercing the heart of jorgan..the last thing he saw was the look of retribution from that of ralph. he knew who he was... and fell to his death off of the lookout...

up the stairs into the hellforge they stormed. to the main hall, and kicked in the door to the throne room. at the throne sat the witch and fellow elven mages...

"very far you have made it," said the witch, "but now you go no further!"

at once the elves started casting fire through the room, and the witch slinging lightening from the tips of her fingers.

"die!" she shouted

benor and ralph were pinned behind a pillar as benor motioned up to the chandalier above one of the mages, and ralph thinking fast, threw his light sword up at it, slashing the rope holding it, and it fell and crushed him. the mage was pinned and surely incapacitated.

then ralph sprinted across the room dodging both fire and lightening, and diving behind another pillar.

as he looked back at benor, benor closed his eyes and looked back and said, "sir this is it"

"what do you mean benor?" he asked

this is where you make your moment in history. where you make your name.

"i dont understand?" said ralph

"be ready sir!" he shouted

"benor, no!" yelled ralph

at that moment, benor rushed the queen and the remaining elf, sword and shield in hand, "to hell with you gertrude!" he shouted.

in that moment giving ralph a perfect flank to take the witch, dashing to grab his sword the witch struck benor with all her might...

"aaaaaaaaaaghhhh!" benor let out, as he flung across the room falling to the ground

"beeeenorrrrrr!" shouted ralph as he lunged off of the throne from behind the queen, striking her in the back with his blade...

at once she yelled, and it was as if hell itself was leaving her all in one yell, and the other elf didnt know what to do but run in desparation, as ralph had the look of a mad man. pulling the sword from her back, he spun and with all his might slide his blade through the crevice of her neck, as her head fell to the ground...

"benor!" shouted ralph as he ran to the other side of the room....

"sir....." said benor.

"benor... why did you do it... why..."

"sir, i promised i would protect you with my life... surely you would not have made it for my sacrifice..." said benor.

his hand clinched ralphs... as the veins in his neck began to bulge... blood started to drip from his mouth...

"im glad to see you finished her.... you are exactly the king that greyscale needs... in my death i honor you sir ralph...."

"benor, dont say such things! you will be ok...."

"no sir... i believe this is it... its ok... i have lived a life of love and fellowship... and knowing that i was able to help you made it all the while... thank you sir, for your guidance... even when i was trying to guide you...."


"ralph.... thank you... your are more than my king.... you are.... my... friend..."

and benor faded away...

the strongest man that ralph had ever met... and a mentor for the short while that he had known him... he knew for sure that he would take much of life in consideration to what benor had taught him in his short time as his friend...

as ralph walked down the steps, he carried the head of the queen, and the sword of benor.... when he stepped into the courtyard, he held it high and the men of greyscale all cheered and applauded...

"this victory is not without loss! yes, we boast in the triumph over the evil witch gertrude!... but we mourn for the loss of our loved ones... i hope you mourn for those as i do benor... he was a dear friend to me.... LONG LIVE THE FALLEN!" shouted ralph.

"LONG LIVE THE FALLEN!" shouted the crowd

as they marched back to the castle...

upon entering the city, they all cheered and applauded, and celebrated, and mourned for those they had lost.

ralph returned to his new rightful place as king, with duke melrand at his side. who went on to advise the king into is late age of reign. ralph went on to be the most successful and loving king of all the history of greyscale... just like his father. treating mean of wealth and peaseantry as equals. dividing prosperity to all, and earning favor with all the masses.

the people of greyscale had been blessed with rule of a righteous heir.

and as they say and the story goes, such as king ralph married the now queen aliah, and had a child of his own... in which he named juju in the remembrance of his father... bringing us to the conclusion, that they lived happily ever after- that is... until the next part of our story, which surrounds young juju unfolds....


for now...

-blake forbes

all off of the top of my head. no biggie

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