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-Note: This isnt me complaining about the world. These are true things that people dont seem to be noticing. I hope you enjoy. Dont be butthurt, these arent directed to anyone.-

-Part 1-

When i guy pranks a girl, he will usually dump water on her, and then he will throw flour all over her. When a girl will prank a guy, its usually being kicked in the balls so hard, your nuts burst. Or she will hit you in the face with a fire extinguisher. Whats more annoying, is the girls think they're actually funny while her boyfriend is screaming in pain and agony.

Video examples-

This one is just plain cruel. The story behind it is that her boyfriend is an Iraq veteran! So he probably gets shaken up from everything that goes on. He also has sleeping issues, do his girlfriend takes advantage of this. The high pitched sound makes him think his girlfriend is in trouble...





-Part 2-

Ever watch the top 10 music videos? Well if youve ever noticed, most of them are either by Lady Gaga or Justin Beiber. Lady Gaga at least can sing a little bit, but why is Justin on the list? Why is he singing at all?! Well i found some of the most RIDICULOUS videos in the world... These are what got Justin Bieber famous in the first place (Watch at your own risk!!!)

Nice haircut... douchebag

SERIOUSLY whats with this kids hair?!

And we thought his hair was bad now. Funniest part is his youtube channels nam: Kidrauhl, where the hell did he get that.

Currently Lady Gagas Bad Romance is youtubes most viewed video, worst thing about it is Justin Biebers- Baby, is slipping into the most viewed at over 227 MILLION views. Whats the hype over this kid?

Not to mention, every rap video i have seen has had many flashing scenes in it. Remember the old Pokemon episode featuring Porygon? If not, here it is: (Im warning you to not watch this if you have a history of epileptic seizures caused by rapid flashing scenes)

This is banned in almost every country in the world! It gave over 700 kids in Japan alone seizure. But the ones you see in Rap flash SO much more.
Also, in Japan, a pokemon episode was banned becuase James, from Team Rocket, was given cleavage... Thats the stupidest ive ever heard... no, literally, it is O.o Ever watch Cartoon Network? Well you would notice that theres that show Total Drama Island, i watched 2 seconds of it with my brother, and theres already
1) A naked fat guy running around
2) People flippin each other off
So if this is what kids are watching today, go and get yourself the padded bras for your 6 year old, so she can "strut that stuff" for the worlds pedos!

creepy old man

This is an actual letter from a mother about the bras:

As a mother of a toddler girl, I am acutely aware of the current trend to push more sexualized clothing onto younger and younger girls. It’s something that greatly concerns me as my daughter grows older. Just the other day I was shopping for clothes for my kids in a local department store. Several yards from the toddler section was a colorful display of small padded bras. Upon closer inspection, I discovered that these bras weren’t for teens or even pre-teens. They were clearly intended for girls only several years older than my daughter.

What seven or eight year old needs a padded bra? I know that the day will come when my daughter will notice a display such as this, and be drawn to the vibrant colors and thematic packaging. She will recognize this as something designed for “big girls,” and, wanting so much to be a “big girl,” she will probably ask if she can have one, too. Marketers recognize these potential conflicts between parent and child. It’s called the “nag factor,” and marketers bank on the fact that weary parents will eventually cave to the incessant begging that young children are so good at.

Rather than caving, we need to have conversations with girls (and boys, too) at all age levels about what is and isn’t appropriate for them, and why. Our voices need to be stronger than marketing strategies, stronger than peer pressure, and stronger than our desire to make our kids “happy” for the moment.

WOW we fail!

On the other hand, whos seen Alejandro by Lady Gaga? Well if you noticed, shes pale white, skinny, and very unattractive:

And the lyrics are perverted. I was walking to school one day, and heard a 10 year old riding a scooter sing "Take a ride on my disco stick" From one of gagas songs. Not know what it means? It means stick yours in mine... yea... SHE WAS TEN!
This video has 44 million hits, got all that in one week. The song is good, but what the HELL!? Naked Nazi like germans with bowl cuts that are gay. They wore high heels for fucks sake! Many christians are offended becuase she ate a rosary, i really dont care. Lady Gaga USED to be so fuckin hot, now shes just ugly. This is when she was hot:

But what is she wearing? If lady gagas clothes are fashion, we are fucked...

Commercials on T.V are getting insane. Trust me, you dont need a full length feature to sell your product...

Its pathetic when Justin Bieber makes more money than our president

-Part 3-

Is it just me, or are the things we hear on the news just crazy? "Man shot for raping 1 year old" OMFG! This one just amazed the hell out of me, its just sick and twisted:

The ten year old was a babysitter!!! Its bad enough having a baby sitter thats 30! These parents are stupid, and that 10 year old is sick and messed up. Its what we now have shown on tv for the kids and the music.

Now to what i think ill get the most heat for... RACISM

Only a white man can be racist. Im white, ive never been racist, but i get called racist all the time. I cant even say Obamas a bad prez without getting racist heat! But WE are racist? Says the peoples whos sentences have the words "Cracker" and "Nigga" after every word we say. But is it just me, or is MLK Jrs life being thrown away here? He died to stop racism, and we need cooperation, not only from whites, but blacks too. I laugh at those who say blacks are never racist.

No, theyre just sweet, lovely people, who respect EVERY color :)

I dont have any hate towards any color, but people need to stfu and open their fucking eyes for once. No more bitching about slavery, it ended over 100 years ago, its over.

Stop teasing countries for being wierd, when America is wierd beyond wierd.

Hello fellow people from the UK, a friendly message: FUCK YOU, your people are just as fat too

Can we please just nuke iraq, becuase we can always "rebuild" when we are done...


So the cap was finally put over the oil leak. But that wont stop people from complaining. The oil wont be helped with you all complaining and suing BP. DEFINENTLY wont help if you start blaiming Obama, becuase he cant do much about it. All we can do now is hope cleanup goes well. Yes, BP is a joke, but so is the way half of america has been acting. Check out this post, it will definently get you laughing at the american media:


I hate seeing constant complaints from people that the police are inhumane baby killers. Yes, some police are a bunch of dickheads that take their power to far. But the rest are saving your asses all day every day. So before you go around saying police are horrible people that need to be killed, understand that if theyre not here, we are fucked!

This one was all over the news:

The police officer smacked the girl, didnt "punch the daylights out of her" like everyone says. She was resisting, the officer had like 20 people in his face yelling at him, and these teens deserve to be shot... no... they really do. If you have 20-30 screaming men and women in your face, would you politely cuff them as they fight and resist arrest? No...


A teacher called for help after a possible robbery, she didnt do anything. The officer tazed her after she wouldnt say who her guest was. She didnt have to say anything. She was calling for help... but got tazed for no real reason. This is brutality from an officer, an officer slamming a retard who is resisting deserves it... this lady did not.

Why you shouldnt resist officers, or your ass is grass (WARNING- this video is VERY graphic, you see a man choke to death):

People claim weed should be legal or this wouldnt happen... no... you shouldnt resist arrest and shove a bag of weed in your mouth and this wouldnt happen...

-Part 4-

Men want sex

Women want-
sex (only when they want it)
someone to be there everyday, all day
more clothes
more cars
a huge house
to be right and never wrong
to win every argument
more jewelry
some more clothes
a third car
a man who is always there
a man who will never leave them
to cuddle all day
a man who gets home early from work (Its whats buyin yo cars bitch!)
a man who respects her needs .lol.
a man who never plays video games

(thats not even 1/500ths of the actual list)

Careful what you say to a women, saying "youre stupid"to her, will later evolve into a 10 hour long argument when you called her a bitch, bad person, slut, ho, whore, hag, fucker, fuck face, dickhead, asshole, everything else, even though all you really said was"youre supid"

If you get stuck in an argument with your loved one, blank them out, watch tv, and nod your head every 3 seconds like your listening and you agree what she is saying.

Women Actually have the pussy to get up and complain at how your out working all day and are never home. Thats the biggets tick off, youre out busting your ass off all day so she can sit home on her ass all day. Complaining to a man how he is out working all day shows that youre a bitch. Us being gone all day is paying your bills and stuff so you can sit at home all day!

Taking 10 hours to do your hair and makeup when all youre doing is going to get the mail or whatever, is stupid. Yes, its nice when you look sexy, but men hait having to wait all day for you to do your hair.

_Thats all i have for now, but keep in mind, im updating this all day throughout the day, aiming to make it the most discussed and biggest post on sharenator. Keep checking back. Lets limit the bad comments though, i dont want to spark a big racist battle. +3 if you like it, or -3 if you feel butthurt, doesnt really matter. If you have something you want to share, post it in the comments and i will add it_

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    that was randomly awesome

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    lol, read tid bits then :P im trying to make it the biggest post, so yea it will be, and get, really long

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    That girl who kept resisting arrest should have been slammed into the ground and he should have put his knee into her spine to hold her still. That cop was scared of the crowd, that's why it took him so long to detain her.

    • Albane
    • July 19, 2010, 1:24 pm
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    I agree with all your views I wish I was your neighbor we could be friends

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    Sorry for any lagging issues. I am working on it still, it will be a while till its bigger than the other biggest posts

    Stuff added on:

    July 16th
    July 18th

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    Big Wall o Text... And Pretty sure the post with over 200 pictures is the biggest post ever.

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    Yea i have a long ways to go lol

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    This is a great post, especially on police brutality. Plus those girlfriends are terrible.

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    I agree, he was bein pretty damn nice to her as far as being an officer goes.

  • 1

    i am going to make it my new goal to beat this

    • gw2250
    • July 19, 2010, 4:39 pm
  • 1

    dude this is so true and i agree with you whole heartedly

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    fully agreed especially about the racism, and that modern... for lack of a better word "music" (if you can even call it that) has fucked up the youth of this generation.... im so glad i grew up listening to the 70's and 80's instead of all this rap or i might of turned out like what i've grown to despise

  • 1

    Even though im only 16 now, i prefer the 70s and 80s by far, rap is a joke for "music"

  • 1

    definately agreed, im 18 and still livin in the 80's :P

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    good job on some of the post kid but we have every right to be pissed as hell at BP. if everything goes wright BP makes lots of money. If BP screws up my bay now smell of oil. I can't go deep sea fishing. I can't do a lot of things thanks to BP. I am assuming you have no idea how badly the oil if fucking up my part of the world. I do know since I see it every day.

  • 1

    I thought you were a guy

    I have a solution to the first part with the girlfriends = cunt punt

    • Dannyl
    • July 20, 2010, 6:52 am
  • 1

    I am a guy, and yes, next time a girl yells at you, you should cunt punt her :P

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    Johnecash is mad at me for this post, and instead of keeping it here by just a -3, marked me down from +20 total points of the day to -4... crybaby -.-

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    Your onnnnn O.o

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    I agree with most of the things you mentioned above there, but I just wanted to point out this one thing that I disagree with:

    "Men want sex"

    Men do want that, but that's not what they want. They want many other things, such as more holidays, a wife that cooks them good food, etc. (any man can complete such a list). However, you putting it as "Men want sex" only gives the impression that men are animals, which we are not. I'm not butthurt or anything, but it's just my opinion.

    Great post though, +3

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    Youre right, i should change that

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    cry for me kid. cry like a 16 year old baby. i am not mad at you for this post. i would ask that you copy and past where i said i was mad at you? its a shame when you don't understand that you can't ask for clarification, but please cry for me kid. its very entertaining. i love how you say points don't matter yet here you are crying about them again. actions my child will always speak louder than words.

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    Thank you. Men FTW :D

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    ha dude above its "catch em all" not collect

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    thank you, i didn't know. those toys were a little after my time. to date my age i played with the original transformers, and go-bots when an aunt or uncle would buy the wrong toy for my birthday.

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    Glad you liked it :)

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