Superhero Posters

Bold shapes and colors. That is the description for these creative and small posters that illustrator and designer Mark Grambau has made. They represent famous superheroes and villains in an interesting and different way. Everybody has their own poster: Batman is represented like the night and the vengeance, Flash as the fastest man alive, and Spiderman as powerful but responsible.

Grambau had always been obsessed with superheroes, so obsessed that he calls it “unhealthy”. He says that it “developed from a childhood enthusiasm to an appreciation for the branding and the symbology of these characters”. The essence of each superhero and villain is really captured and put on paper with minimalistic and simple shapes.

superheroes poster 1

superheroes poster 2

superheroes poster 4

superheroes poster 5

superheroes poster 6

superheroes poster 7

superheroes poster 8

superheroes poster 9

superheroes poster 10

superheroes poster 11

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