Stupid Shit :D

i would like to start off by saying ive had these in my computer for weeks and never got around to putting them up so if there reposts just shut the fuck up and enjoy it anyway

Teenage Mutant Ninja Squirtles by t

518 - stupid shit :d

4063cookiemonster johncena - stupid shit :d

19611 540 - stupid shit :d

1212027302994 - stupid shit :d

1235246466873 - stupid shit :d

129007908880990787 - stupid shit :d

129033088662544273 - stupid shit :d

633570634237290132 blacklinkganonstolemyhoeimagocaphisass - stupid shit :d

avatar - stupid shit :d

brer20rabbit2020tar20baby20box - stupid shit :d

dqcanh4k50cabwtom1caflf38ecai4nj0eca6twp6fcap809j2cagsvjpocaihosmwca3iggomcabcwev0ca58de1ccaq9vyx3cagbo1d5casrcj6pcafptdxvcadxj0fccaer1d3bcan01mdrcac4x21y - stupid shit :d

image001 - stupid shit :d

invader zim

invader20zim20cupcake20t shirt - stupid shit :d

jedimindtricks 480x384 - stupid shit :d

l 750 600 75d695ff e47b 4193 b291 39f570e4d913 - stupid shit :d

mgf3ewyfvqoez6wpseansf8lo1 400 - stupid shit :d

violent racist

political pictures barack obama oprah attention

ngbbs4a769252b5226 - stupid shit :d

epic fail sign fail

hoohv - stupid shit :d

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    lolz at last 1

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    xD wow Gir :D

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    love the pokemon ones like the last one

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    isn't their a show that says Cartman is afraid of Chinese and Butters shoots everyone in the dick(i know it says Japan i was just saying)

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    Num 5:...that would actually be pretty cool to me XP

    I would watch the hell out of an anime south park.
    - ember January 28, 2011, 11:10 pm
    same here!
    - Nightfang January 29, 2011, 3:31 am
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    Did anyone notice that Kenny looked allot like a little blond version of hetalia's Russia?

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