Strange Bacon Products

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As the popularity of bacon increases, it seems we are no longer content with the meat itself. This ‘bacon craze’ sees the launch of a number of bizarre products, including bacon soap, chocolate and cologne.

Fargginay’s Bacon Cologne
perfu4 - strange bacon products

‘Bacon’ perfume was recently launched by Fargginay in the US. Described as “extremely wearable” with “an ever so slight hint of bacon”, the cologne also contains 11 other essential oils. Brand founder John Leydon has commented that the “fragrances are designed to trigger pleasant memories.” Priced at £22 (US$36) for a one ounce bottle, the perfume is currently available in the US, but can be shipped to the UK via their website.

Bacon flavoured sweets and chocolate with ‘bacon bits’
candy7 - strange bacon products

Cybercandy – the ‘one of a kind candyshop’ with stores in London, Brighton and Birmingham - stocks bacon-flavoured gumballs (priced at £3.99 per pack) and Zotter chocolate containing real pieces of caramelised bacon (£3.60 per bar). But they sell out fast. Cybercandy tell us that the sweets are “very, very popular” and add: “the bacon sweets actually smell so strongly that you can tell it’s bacon from just getting close to the shelf they are on.” Want to freshen up afterwards? They also sell bacon-flavoured toothpicks!

Bacon Soap
soap - strange bacon products

This bacon-scented air freshener is also sold online by Cheshire-based company Lazybone. Priced at £2.29, it can be hung in a car or anywhere else for the instant smell of freshly cooked bacon. Just don’t complain if you start to get hungry.

Bacon jam
bacon2 - strange bacon products

Developed by Skillet Street Food in Seattle, Bacon Jam consists of bacon, spices and other ingredients, cooked for around six hours and then pureed into a spread to be used in dishes including grilled cheese, burgers and crostini. It costs £9 (US$14) per jar and can be shipped to the UK via their website.

Bacon plasters (Band Aids for the YANKSSS)
plast12 - strange bacon products

Although these 3” long plasters are one of the few items that don’t actually smell of bacon, they are made to look like it. Lazybone, who stock the item, say that they “show a sense of fun” and also stock T-Bone steak and sushi plasters at £3.69 per metal tin.

Spreadable Bacon – ‘Baconnaise’
bacon1 - strange bacon products

Self-styled US ‘bacontrepreneurs’ J&D’s have developed a “spreadable bacon” called Baconnaise. It took six months to develop, is Kosher-certified, suitable for vegetarians and “contains less calories and fat than regular mayonnaise.” In the UK, Baconnaise can be bought for £4.74 per jar online from Incidentally, in the US, J&D’s have also developed bacon-flavoured envelopes, bacon pop and bacon salt.

Bacon Ice-Cream
Bacon ice cream 5

The limited time menu features seven new, bacon-heavy items including their headline act, the Maple Bacon Sundae, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, layered with maple-flavored syrup and sprinkled with diced hickory-smoked bacon.

Burger King's New SUPER BURGER - 'The Meat Monster'
smh burger king
In between the sesame seed bun, you will find two hamburgers, a chicken breast fillet, two slices of processed cheese and three rashers of bacon, decorated with salad trimmings on top.The burger boasts a whopping 1,160 calories, which is very close to the recommended 2,000 calorie-a-day intake for women. And with 2290mg of sodium, the 'Meat Monster' far exceeds the 1,600mg daily limit recommended for adults.

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