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stoner achievements list

  • gemie89
  • November 7, 2011, 7:17 pm
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    I've got all of this except:

    1.Back on track (passenger train doesn't run through here)
    3.By The Gods
    4.Doctors Orders
    6.The Green Goblin
    7.Medicine Man
    8.Rights Holder
    9.Dodging a Bullet
    10.I'm on a Boat (I've smoked on a boat, I've never even been on a yacht)
    11.Girl Scout
    12.The Snack that Smiles Back
    13.Yes We Can (For obvious reasons)
    14.We Fly High
    15.When Life Gives You Lemons
    16.Dr. Strange
    17.The Rick Moranis (though I will have to try this)
    20.??????? (At least, I don't think I have)
    21.Fruit of the Loom
    22.Pools Closed

    I enjoyed this very much :)
    It may have something to do with my current state of mind.....nahh.

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