Slow Shutter Photography!

Amazing Slow Shutter Photography!

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Hello and welcome! I’ve seen a post that already covers this subject but it was made a long time ago and has probably got lost in the vast amount of posts. So I decided to trawl through through the internet and bring you the best ones that i’ve found. I will
hopefully there is not any reposts. So enjoy


What Is Slow Shutter Photography?

‘Light Photography’ or ‘Show Shutter Photograhy’ is also commonly know as ‘Light Graffiti’. This form of photography can be done by anyone, all you need the right equipment/apps to give it a try! Depending on your equipment the original method of capturing it is to set your camera to a very slow shutter speed, this way any lights that move past it will be turned into ‘light trails’ giving this effect:

light photography liverpool docks


What Equipment Is Needed

There isn’t really just one particular type of camera and kit that you’ll need to do light trails/Light Photography, however it is very important to have a camera that allows you to have some control over exposure settings – particularly those that allow you to choose longer shutter speeds. This means you need a camera that has the ability to shoot in either full manual mode and/or shutter priority mode but this something that all DSLRs and manypoint and shoot cameras have these days so don’t worry.
It is also advised that you’ll need a tripod or some other way to making your camera completely still as you’ll be shooting with long/slow shutter speeds and because of this it makes shooting handheld pretty much impossible!

light photography forest fire

As I mention before there are also apps that will allow you to do it on your ipod/iphone (I’m not sure if there is one for android etc due to the fact that i don’t own one) The app i use when I’m doing light photography on my ipod is ‘Slow Shutter Cam’ and can be purchased on the Itunes app store.

Which you can Download Here

And when i’m doing slow shutter on my Ipod, as a tripod for my it, I use an old tape case, Which i learnt from this video here, its a very cheap and quick way of getting a tripod for your Ipod:


More Examples

light photography fun fair
light photography city view
light photography water fall
light photography park bench


Well Thank you for reading, if you have a question feel free to post a comment, If you’ve ever done or do some be sure to post them here.
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