Slogan generator

It takes real slogans and uses the word you type in to replace the product name. Very funny.

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    Pretty good. I used the slogan - 'Cock Banana'

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    have you had your handjob today? LOL this is pretty funny

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    See the Kanye West,feel the shine.
    Look,Ma,no Kanye West.
    I Love What You Do For Kanye West
    Get the kanye west out.
    Nothing works better than kanye west.
    cut kanye west time in half.
    Do you have the kanye west inside?
    Come to kanye west, and lets get it done.

    How many licks does it take to get to the center of kanye west?

    ahh - slogan generator

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    oh if you use any perverted word its great. Ex: cock, dick, vagina, pussy, penis. They come out as things like "Step into the pussy"

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