Sharentor Troll Apocalypse

( This part is set in My POV… Enjoy! )

Why now? Of all the times this could happen why NOW? I could only look out in horror as thousands of people were being trolled by Trolls. It was horrifying to watch as our worst nightmares became reality in a matter of minutes. Those that were trolled became trolls themselves which only added to the horror. I watched as the trolls began their advance towards the center of our city where the higher up Sharenators lived.

I could hear the blood curling screams as people were turned to Trolls. The pounding of my shoes hitting the pavement became drowned out as the sound of glass shattering and gunshots filled the air. As I continued to run I knew that most people would be killed before the remaining Sharenators would manage to get things under control in the little bases that small groups of survivors managed to control.

I was being followed. I could hear the sound of footsteps behind me. I turned a corner and stopped, pulling my baseball bat out of my backpack so I could attack the stalker. As soon as I saw it I swung my bat hard aiming for its head. Of course my plan would screw up horribly as I ended up losing my balance on a discarded bottle and fell flat on my back. It saw me and quickly pinned me to the ground. I looked up at it as it prepared to troll me. I closed my eyes and waited for it to be over with.

I felt a warm liquid splat against my face. I opened my eyes to see a bullet hole in the middle of its head. I looked at where the bullet came from and saw a figure in a suit wearing a top hat. “God damn Dark you always wait till the last second.” I muttered under my breath. I forced myself off the ground and ran towards the building where DarkHunter was at.

“You HAD to wait until it almost trolled me?” I said pissed. I would normally expect him to fire at the Trolls because of all the chats we had about the Apocalypse. “Yes I did kitty kid.” He said smugly grinning at me, God he was a jackass some times. I looked around the room and took notice of a few things. The first was that there was a few crates of food in the corner, the second was that there were a few guns on the table with a large pile of ammo clips, and third was that Ember was laying on the couch sleeping. “Ember is here?!?!” I said surprised. “Yes she is, Now shut up and help me inspect these guns.” He said walking over to the table.

“FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO THAT PRIVATLEY!” I said as Ember and Dark Kissed. “What’s the matter kitty kid?” Dark said grinning. God he loved being a dick at times. “Just… Save it for when our lives are NOT at stake.” I said irritated. He was about to say something before the sound of gun fire attracted our attention. “Oh my god its Castle!” I exclaimed surprised. I watched as he ran while shooting at a large group of trolls that were chasing him. “Well this should be fun.” I said sarcastically, knowing full well that all hell had just broken loose.

(Part 2)