Sharenator’s Current Site Ranking

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-I will be updating this post to keep a current tab on our ranking as often as i remember, please remind me if it changes drastically and i miss it.
-Also, please uprate this for all our fellow sharenators out there keeping up the good posts that’re making this website so beautiful
***Please Read This***

As stated in Paul’s post Here Sharenator went from rank #40,000 to only #10,000 in merely 3 months.

Paul’s last update ranked sharenator at #6416.

This was roughly 4 months ago.

We are now currently at….. (Drum roll please)…..Rank #4,241!

We’re rising up the ranks, and i am very glad to see this website doing so well.

Congratulations Sharentors, keep going strong and as always, keep them posts coming

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Sources: Site Alexa for Sharenator information
-also Paul’s post listed above
-Picture by Drakengard85

Points accredited to all the sharenators that have provided me with many lolz, i apologize if i missed anyone