Sharenator should add this!

A button saying how many points you have taken away, so how many posts have you downvoted as there is a button saying how many points you have given. So lets make this like Yin & Yang and say how evil you are.... and maybe you get a special tag or something beside your name when you post something like "hero" for giving a certain amount of points and have a level system for good and evil.. I don't think this will happen but it would be cool for example

Hero-lv1 500 pts given

Hero-lv2 1000 pts given

Hero-lv3 2000 pts given

Maybe not with those increments and the levels can go with any amount until you become a god of heroes with however many points given. the levels could range from 1-10 or even 1-100 and anything higher, the levels could go forever, obviously with fewer levels more points will be needed to level up, but with more it could go up by 10pts given each time.. So you can have a colored tag next your name for eg.

Hero(colored text) lvl1xXwolfsteelXx

So per say i have given 1000 points to other player, i would be classed as hero-lvl2 maybe this will encourage others to give more points, and possibly take more, so hypothetically speaking there doesn't need to be levels for the villainous of sharenator and only heroes so that more people will give out points, i know i would give alot more points if there was something like this..

What are your thoughts!?!

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    I don't like it, I like my mass downvotes to be private

    Well, maybe just awards for upvoting
    - xXwolfsteelXx November 4, 2013, 3:11 pm
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    Maybe this would get rid of abusive downvoters, and more people would hand out points to those of who deserve them.

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    Should be a way to see who voted what on your comment/post.

    Not sure about the levels thing, that doesn't really fit in with anything else on the site.

    Meh, i like it, but yes the way to see who voted on it would be nice, maybe return the favor and such :P
    - xXwolfsteelXx November 4, 2013, 3:51 pm
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    One more thing Sharenator, a button where i can set to upload things over the course of the day. so for example, how i mass uploaded all of my Guess the Picture's but set it so it goes over the course of a day or maybe even 1-3 days... That would be nice....

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    We can show amount of points given away in the profile. We are thinking about some kind of levels system too. Maybe it would be nice to see how are you doing not just in received raw points scale.

    • Darius
    • November 5, 2013, 4:54 am
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    What about the uhm, button where i select three things to upload them and set them out equally over the day so i don't upload it in one big chunk.

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