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Just like pic dumps, I bring you "THE SHARENATOR DISCUSSION OF THE WEEK!" I will post it every monday.

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-Its a place to post your own comments. Dont judge others for their opinions.
-Have fun!

Todays discussion-

"Weed. Should it be legal or not?"

Convo starters -

- Alcohol and Tobacco companies do not want it to be legal, which has a profound effect on the govt ruling.

- It affects the brain mentally, which can affect everyone differently. Could raise fear for people who it effects them to where they get suicidal or physical tendencies.

- It is known to "cure" pain.

- Illegal marijuana bans are responsible for majority of our jails, costing almost billions.

- Its legal in many countries and those countries do fine.


marijuana - sharenator discussion of the week ( begin )

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    weed is not a drug, it's a plant
    and thats my theory on why weed should be legal

    so awesome
    - mofosho June 10, 2012, 5:51 pm
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    I am personally annoyed by stoners, or anyone else who is always talking about smoking weed.

    Even though they annoy me, I really don't care if it's legalized. It won't really affect me either way.

    I would actually have to support the legalization because I know how much money is wasted by the American government on minor drug offenses.

    That, and we are only making the drug cartels richer by giving them the entire country as a marketplace for their product .

    I agree with most of that, but I don't want it leagalized. People who always talk about weed piss me off, and I just generally dislike smokers in general. If it gets leagalized then more people will start.
    - DarkHunter November 4, 2011, 11:30 am
    what annoys you about us? we go about our business and talk about weed but that is no different from those people who go around screaming about how great that party was and how drunk they got. people who smoke talk about how great they feel and world problems lol overall i think that we are nicer people for smoking. i've never in my life heard of a person getting high then trying to get in a fight but that happens literally all the time when people get drunk. stoners are courteous and kind and overall nice people :) don't hate on the life we choose just because we like to feel good
    - 24paperwings November 4, 2011, 1:02 pm
    so dude i smoked this 6 foot bong and i got soooooooo high..... that stuff really pisses you off? (I actually did do that once lawl) in any case you are entitled to your opinion i just want to understand why you don't like it. and true more people may start if it's legal but personally i feel like some people just have a stick up their ass about this. it's overall more healthy than anything else people use to get "fucked up" just explain your reasoning sir top hat :)
    - 24paperwings November 4, 2011, 1:06 pm
    24 Paperwings you bring a very good point and i agree with you entirely, its been fear mongered so much its seen as different to alcohol, when alcoholism can fuck you up even worse than marijuana
    - miketehpope November 4, 2011, 2:07 pm
    thank you thats what i say when i get these gross looks from people. as soon as they find out i smoke they seem to think less of me which is more annoying. the fact is that alcohol is much worse for you and for some reason people seem to think of it as more socially acceptable.maybe it's the link between the fact that it does affect you mentally and the fact that you have to smoke it (most people don't like tobacco and link weed to this for the reason that you smoke it for the most part) so they may view it as a double bad thing when in truth it is way healthier than tobacco and alcohol. weed also makes you feel better than drinking plus no hangover the next day :D :D :D
    - 24paperwings November 4, 2011, 2:50 pm
    I don't go to parties or drink.
    - DarkHunter November 4, 2011, 6:25 pm
    What annoys me about stoners is the same thing thing that irks me with anything else. The stupidity and pointlessness of it all.

    There is also no reason to bring up drinking, so I'm going to disregard everything you said about alcohol, because that has nothing to do with my original point.

    Also, I'm not sure what made you upset, as I do support it's legalization.
    - drakengard85 November 5, 2011, 1:04 am
    i wasn't upset lol i was just looking for an explanation as to why you don't like it. i only ask because some people have the worst arguments to defend their reasoning and i admit that it annoys me when they stubbornly just say over and over that weed is bad and stuff like that. kinda like when an atheist backs up the facts while the christian sits there saying god exists lmao it gets you no where. the reason i brought up drinking was incase of the social aspect of it supports my argument but as it does not seem to affect your opinion i'll drop it. i understand you do support legalization but i was only curious as to why rather than just we waste money. any way that was just what i was wondering sorry if it sounded like i was upset it's hard to sound like im just asking through text :)
    - 24paperwings November 5, 2011, 11:06 am
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    dudewhat They want it legalized too s580x433 55450 580

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    - It is known to "cure" pain.

    - Illegal marijuana bans are responsible for majority of our jails, costing almost billions.

    Uh... facts/links/proof please?

    - IDeidaraIKun November 4, 2011, 8:15 pm
    for the pain part it works like painkillers it interrupts the nerve pathways
    - Tremp20k June 10, 2012, 10:17 pm
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    long story short... it hurts no one.

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    even though I don't like pot I think it should be legalized because its safer than smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol. plus it can be used for so many things

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    Legalize it, tax/regulate it like tobacco

    - wasp609 June 10, 2012, 9:29 pm
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    i wouldn't know.. i live in a country where ALCOHOL is not allowed..
    we have it here.. hash actually not weed.. but ppl misuse it a lot.
    so no i don't agree with legalizing weed in kuwait because ppl are stupid and they will misuse it and a new horror movie will be released every night staring KUWAITIES!
    ps.. i am not kuwaiti lol

    well thats just wrong... unless it is for religious purposes i vote that alcohol should be allowed any where and weed as well! hazzah!
    - 24paperwings November 4, 2011, 2:51 pm
    it is for religious reasons!
    however.. there are gulf countries that allow alcohol and partying and those kind of stuff..
    but they are just very strict here.. and this why the boys and girls are corrupted.. so they know if they allowed even a little (alcohol. party. weed.) they will abuse it!
    - MissRandom November 4, 2011, 4:17 pm
    well in that case i guess it's ok (only for the religion though i believe in freedom of religion so i don't agree with the country wide ban but it is not for me to decide) i can understand why they are so strict but at the same time if they allowed people to do it (by teaching them responsibility of course not just say here go wild) rather than crack down on it then i think they would see these teens act maturely about it. some people will abuse it but that will happen regardless of how strict they are. people are capable of making the right choices and religion/government people seem to forget that far to often.
    - 24paperwings November 4, 2011, 6:06 pm
    they decide to make the decision FOR the ppl..
    it doesn't matter
    i have access to all these things.. and i never do them... but my friends.. they beg for access and act as if it was cool!
    - MissRandom November 4, 2011, 6:09 pm
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    to be honest I am (actually i should say was cause in the last few months i've had a huge drop off in how much i smoke) a "stoner". I enjoy the effects of weed much more so than that of alcohol mainly due to the fact that weed is a drug that makes you feel good about stuff. it has little to no downside. the overall affect is giving you a good feelin which in the long run does nothing to the body. weed should never be done whilst one is driving but aside from that no person (and i mean literally not one single person) has died as a direct result of smoking. personally the only reason i don't want it to be legal though is because i feel like the government would tax the shit out of it making it it to expensive. they would also (again in my opinion) lower the overall quality of weed making it into the cheapest peace of crap you could find (not to mention i feel like some asshole would decide it would be a great idea to add all the crap they have in tobacco and get the shit addictive). weed does affect everyone differently so those with a highly addictive personality should avoid it. i say this because it is the feeling that i believe to be addicting not the weed itself which is to be honest extremely easy to stop smoking (i know from experience and to be honest i was extremely surprised at how easy it is to stop) Weed does not in fact "cure" pain, rather i just makes it a hellofalot easier to distract yourself from the pain and reduces the overall feeling of pain. the fact that so many people are in jail for this pretty much harmless drug us ridiculous and pretty much the root cause of over crowding in jails. people that don't like smoking are normally the ones who have never tried it and are in general force fed anti-drug campaigns views. i respect the decision not to smoke but at the same time i also hate the fact that people judge me for smoking (and trust me a few months ago i smoked.... A LOT) the fact is that it doesn't change a person overall, some people may take it to far but it happens a lot less with weed than it does with alcohol and tobacco. basically i like this where it is here in Massachusetts. it is decriminalized so it basically the worst you get for getting caught smoking is a ticket. the only thing i wish they would do is reduce the amount they can fine you to like 20-30 bucks ($100-$300 is a bitch and a half to pay) in any case thats my opinion hope you guys all enjoy it and if you have a problem please explain it to me i'll be happy to explain why im right here :)

    I like what you have to say and only have a minor issue with one of your points. I disagree that all weed would be of lower quality and higher price due to the governmental regulations. I think it would follow the beer booze and wine trend. Where you have large name brand inexpensive brands and also the smaller craft brands that cost more, but are of higher quality. Just a theory, in the places where it has been decriminalized this seems to be the business model that is being followed.

    PS As far as I know, no nation has made it legal. Some nations have decriminalized it. There is a difference.

    Otherwise good post that I can agree with.
    - johnecash July 9, 2012, 2:20 pm
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    I have no idea, I mean I have a few friends who are stoners, but I don't do it myself. Probably if you tax the crap out of it, it would bring in a bunch of revenue to our country. Personally, I would rather see stoned people walking around than piss drunk people, but that's just my opinion.

    • Xanderh
    • November 4, 2011, 9:22 am
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    hmmmmmm i smoke it on occasion. personnally i think it should be legal because i find all it does is make you feel hungry, like really Fuckin hungry :P. in conclusion stoners can choose to waste thier own money that way its thier own problem. and that way law enforcement can focus on more important things and the normal civillian public can keep living thier normal day to day lives.

    • C4M3R0N
    • November 4, 2011, 12:07 pm
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    I find it hard to sleep when I stop smoking, it also helps with my appetite. Without it I'd probably be flunking university. I don't really care if it's legalized though, if you want it 99% of people know where to buy it and if you don't want it quit judging others and just don't buy it. Chill cabrons

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    I smoke cannabis on occasion. Not my favorite thing but its alright on a rare night. I could care less if its legal or not. It's not hard to get for people who want it and why pay taxes to the government if you don't have to?

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    I just recently started up smoking again once I got to college. I really don't care if it's legal or no because for my it's more of a social thing to do I don't need it in my life regularly. A lot of problems could arise if it becomes legal so I think it should go through it's process as it is now and eventually a perfected plan will arise and the transition will be smooth and gentile (after the first initial days of course)

    • gemie89
    • November 4, 2011, 2:37 pm
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    I smoke for medical reasons and I've been to Amsterdam numerous times and I've noticed that there is less crime in Amsterdam where marijuana is decriminalized than here in the US where it's illegal and who the fuck are we trying to kid we have a violence problem. But if it were legal there really wouldn't be a downside you can use hemp to manufacture hundreds of things, you can replace a lot of pharmaceutical drugs with pot, it takes a key product from the cartels, you free up the prisons for prisoners who need to be in there, and our statistical image on the world stage is a bit more mild.

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    I used to smoke it a lot in college. Even though I've somewhat grown out of it, I'd still like to see it legalized simply because I don't think people deserve to end up in prison for something so minor. Who are you hurting if you smoke a joint, in the privacy of your own house? I'd even be open to forms of regulation for other drugs, no need to waste tax money on prisons and law enforcement for them. Make the manufacturer print warnings on the labels, like with cigarettes.

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    • Goober
    • June 10, 2012, 8:44 pm
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    I have no problem with stoners as long as they dont cause problems for others. also they could sell it at abc stores and make money off of taxes.

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    I am an open stoner. I enjoy it. It calms me down and makes me happy. I'll be with my friend and we'll just giggle at every little thing possible. last time I checked (which isn't often believe it or not) laughing extends our life expectancy by days. Not saying i'll live forever lmao. It gives us a chance to just not care. When you're high then who cares about your ex boyfriend trying to hit you up. When you're high who cares about the weather outside. When you're high then who cares about that stupid girl that called you names back in middle school or those classes you failed last year or anything else at all. All you care about is loving the people you're with and enjoying their company. It's not like someone who smokes is going to bite your face off or anything XD

    Also... When it comes to driving. Drive drunk. Go on. I DARE you. Did you hit a pole? or a person? or perhaps another car? maybe even just a dog. or did you get pulled over before you could go far enough? Now drive high. What did you hit? your brakes? I have never heard of someone getting in a bad accident when high. You drive slower. and you're fully aware of the fact that you're under the influence of something so you try to focus harder on being safe.

    ever hear this?

    A drunk man will run right through a stop sign. A high man will wait for it to turn green.

    Which would you rather? put others at risk by running the sign or mildly upset someone because you're taking forever?

    This is a lot longer than this needs to be.

    Jist: Weed isn't bad, man. FISHBOWL THE WORLD!

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    Here's a discussion no one has had about it it smells like shit i love good cigars cuz the smell is enjoyable weed just smells like crap

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