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So i haven't really posted anything good in awhile. Amirite? Don't answer that it's a rhetorical question. I haven't been anywhere near a computer in almost 2 weeks in case you guys were wondering or if you even cared haha. Now for those of you that i have on Facebook that are probably thinking "OMFG you're a fucking liar, i saw you posting on Facebook, i hate you etc, etc." i got on Facebook through a friends phone. I tried getting on Sharenator from my friends phone but it was too fucking slow. Alot of crazy shit happened in the past week. My brother got arrested, i got hit in my eye and almost went blind, my Xbox broke FFFFUUUUUU and some other things, those were the most important though. I've had a bunch of free time when i'm not playing soccer so i've been thinking of some cool post ideas, well at least i think they're cool, hope you guys will think so too. They'll take a while though since it will be OC.

Anyways listen up
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Okay so there are three steps to successfully time travel. If you already know how to do this, "Good for you" in the most sarcastic of ways

1. Get on Sharenator Home page. Click Next page like shown in figure 31-A

Figure 31-A
Sharenator Time Travel

Easy enough right? Now in between the slashes there should be a number. It can be 2,3,4,5 etc. depending on how many times you clicked Next page. Only one click is recommended for beginners. If you don't see any numbers, how the fuck do you manage to breathe on your own?

2. Delete the numbers in between the //.
Sharenator Time Travel2

3. Input the desired numbers (AKA destination) and press Enter. If done right you will successfully have travelled back in time by a couple of hours, days, months, or even years. Happy reminiscing

Sharenator Time Travel3

Oh yeah before i forget. This can be used on the new unrated posts, on your comment list, and also on the Sharenator rank page if that's the sort of thing that gives you a hard on

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    I went to when Sharenator did not exist. It was a sad occasion.
    checkboard - sharenator time travel

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    this is cool

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    • peace
    • July 23, 2011, 6:01 pm
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