Sharenator Party

First of all, I’d like to welcome you to my party.

Snappels complimented my humble abode and I am throwing this party to say thank you to Sharenator for reintroducing me, and all who come here, to the Lulz of the internet. This post will be a compilation of everyone’s greatest party story or picture. Post yours and the one with the most points will get 50% of my next compilation post.

My Party Story (pics were destroyed by the “victim” of my story due to the extreme embarrassment brought on by his actions)

One time, at a party my roommate and I were throwing, I was looking everywhere for my friend. I finally decided to look in the bedroom but when I came close to the door all I heard were the sounds of sweet, sweet lovin. Being the epic prankster I am, I decided to mess with him and capture the moment on film. When I threw the door open I got the shock of my life. My friend was on the bed acting drunk and half-passed-out, and he was being toyed with by a sweet transvestite named “Candy”. As soon as my friend realized he’d been caught he flipped out, kicked Candy out of the party, claimed he had passed out, and Candy was taking advantage of him. However, upon further investigation, it was discovered that not only was he not drunk, but he was the one who initiated the cross-dressing romp to begin with. From that day forward, every time he talked to anyone from the party, we all had to sing “I WANT CANDY” Originally by The Strangeloves.

iwantcandy strangeloves