Saving a duckling

So I was on a bike ride the other day when I came across a storm drainage thing. I saw a duck sitting on top of it and it wouldn't move. At first I thought it was stuck, but as I got closer it started walking around and quacking. It seemed as if it were asking for help. So I look down in the drain and hear the little quacks of a duckling that fell through the holes. I didn't know who to call so I took it into my own hands. I lifted the grate (very heavy by the way) and climbed down the ladder. It smelled really bad, but I had to save the duck! Once I got hold of the duckling I gave it to her mom right away because I wanted to get out of that smelly hole as fast as possible hahaha. Here's the video I took....

(my face looks so stupid when I come out because it really smelled down there haha)

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    a-fucking dorable
    nice work

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    you quacked the case and saved the duck! :D

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