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This bill is proposed to congress and must be stopped as it makes and copyrighted material used in an online video without proper consent a felony with a 5 year sentence taped to it. Now many of the international users maybe thinking that it only affects Americans so why should I care, and it is true that it would only affects Americans but what happens when the other countries follow suit? So sign the petition at this url http://act.fightforthefuture.org/page/signup/free-bieber and protect all of our rights of free speech and fair use by knocking this bill into the dirt. And just because I love you guys here is a videos of a girl trying on Halloween costumes
(will make changes if needed)

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    shit fuck fuckity fuck fuck FUUUUUUUCK! this is complete crap

    edit: i am almost tempted not to sign cause beiber will go away for five years..... >:) ill have to think about this

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