Guys, i thought this was meant to be a good website where people get along, posting different things, and just generally being good to eachother
But that all ended when i viewed my profile and saw that today my total points were -72!!!!!
overall i don’t really care about my rank here, but its just a bit sad when you then see some people out there don’t want you here, when i have done nothing wrong, only contributed activly to this community
then i looked down at all my posts and say that the rating of all of them had gone down by about 3-9, it varied 😛
so i know its not all of you, but someone out there really dosn’t like me, and all i’m tryna do is have a good time here, post some funny things every now and then, and just have a good time.
i remember recently someone posted the sharenator rules, or something like that, where loads of people signed it, saying that we would all be good to eachother
I don’t know if it’s all of you who feel this, or just one person, but whoever it is:

f you - someone hates me!!!