SHARK WEEK 2010 !!!!

Some are probably re-posts, sorry. I have added some pics from shark fishing in the Outer Banks which I go every year. I will be heading there again in 2 and a half weeks and I will post my results from my fishing expedition. I ALWAYS release the sharks and have never had one that didn't swim away from shore after being caught. Anyways - enjoy -

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funny pictures shark bluetooth

128936656324329564 - shark week 2010 !!!!

shark sleeping bag1

funny pictures cat wonders about pool sharks

77jews jaws - shark week 2010 !!!!

funny pictures carpet shark has claimed another victim

funny pictures shark bucket

funny pictures tiget shark is doing it right

wtf shark - shark week 2010 !!!!

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shark - shark week 2010 !!!!

sharksmaybepresent - shark week 2010 !!!!

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27 tiger shark1 neil hammerschlag

and here are a couple of pics of sharks caught at the OB - I DID NOT CATCH THESE ( although I have caught Lemons like the second and third ) the Tiger shark is pretty rare in the waters off the OB but I have seen them in Hawaii before as well as a gigantic school of Hammerheads. The last pic is primarily what the finished hook looks like although you can use just about any type of fish. I like Mackerel and chunks of Drum.

firsttiger004 - shark week 2010 !!!!

lemon5 - shark week 2010 !!!!

lemon6 - shark week 2010 !!!!

Mullet bait Sept 08

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    sharks hug

    Fux yeah shark week!

    Actually, that's how all sharks say "Hello". Although, their hello is more of a "wtf are you?".
    - iGreenDay September 3, 2011, 6:05 pm
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    I can just imagine the scenario of no8 :) Brilliant my good man +3

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    thats exactly what I am afraid of - I am going to get a retarded shark that wants to say "hello" by biting my torso in half... + 1 to (as always) Captain'

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    Nothing against you but I hate shark week just like deadliest catch...+3 for cool shark images :)

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