Riddlemania: Congradulations!

Riddlemania: BadassSquirrel
Riddlemania 2: BadassSquirrel and awesomeeeee in a tie!
Riddlemania 3: awesomeeeee
Riddlemania 4: bufus101
Riddlemania 5: bufus101
Riddlemania 6: bufus101 (with some help from awesomeeeee and MelloGiraffe)
Riddlemania 7: bufus101 and awesomeeeee in a tie
Riddlemania 8: ember
Riddlemania 9: zebidybob
Riddlemania 10: zebidybob (With some help from Mattty21)
The Final Riddlemania: zebidybob and ember in a tie

All of our winners earn 5% credit for every win, all helpers earn 2%, and the winners of Final Riddlemania earn the rest of the points. Let's give these guys a big hand!

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    *looks at hand* sorry my hand's to small i can't give it to ya'll

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    dam i kicked butt =P

    Actually, because u had the most victories, the next 5 posts, you will get 33% credit, ember will gets 33% credit, and zebidybob gets 33%.
    - mariofox03 March 27, 2011, 4:44 pm
    =D =D =D
    - bufus101 March 27, 2011, 5:49 pm
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    i dont really care much for the points, i just had fun answering the riddles :)

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    You spelled congratulations wrong

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    the problem is once the answers were stated the post stopped. so the point value wasnt much but i appreciate it =)

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