Now this isn't a solid check, it'd be better to actually search the site. However if you can't be bothered with that at least check the URL (web address) for your new post. I noticed this when i made a repost yesterday.

Here's the link to the original

here's the link to my repost

I then tested this by making another post of the same name again

So basically - if your page's address has a number at the end of it chances are it's a repost and you should check it. Then if it is a repost, delete it.

Donation to IDeidaraIKun for pointing out my repost :)

just do it - repost

  • Dannyl
  • July 29, 2010, 11:22 pm
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    Thanx for the tip...
    more you know - repost

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    PRO TIP!

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    Awesome discovery :) Thanks too:D

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    I noticed that too but it only works if the posts have the same name

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