Reaction Gifs

About to get some sleep before work after gaming all night and the sun comes up

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After I learned how to make large well compressed gifs OC

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After marathoning through a TV series in a few days and realizing you now have to wait a WEEK between each new episode

3 Body Language Tips to Make Her Crave You


As a bassist whenever a band leader tells me to be funkier

as a black guy seeing a tasty looking watermelon at a white friends barbecue

As a Wii U owner in rgaming OC

As an American playing FIFA online and defeating some guy cursing at me in French

As an Android user getting sent a message with emojis in it

Coming home to a slow cooked roast to realize the crockpot was never plugged in

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Every time I try to go shopping

Found out Im lactose intolerant First trip to Five Guys when the cashier asked if I wanted cheese on my burger

Googles reaction to our complaints about YouTube

3 Body Language Tips to Make Her Crave You

Got my wife an expensive gift She managed to break it within 5 minutes Asked me if I still loved her

How I deal with breakups

How I felt when Obama used the Not Bad meme that I made last year

JK Rowlings reaction to negative reviews of her new nonHarry Potter book

Looking for a movie at my house to watch with my little nephew and he says quotWhat is Jurassic Parkquot

Louisvilles bench reacts to Kevin Wares leg injury

I notice the boyfriend casually eating the last cookie

I realize nobody is listening to me

Im at a party and I overhear a group proposing a Mario Kart tourney

the gif loops perfectly

MR to my pregnant wifes increasing demands

My 7 year olds reaction when I ask if shes ready for bed

My cats reaction to a fart

My dads reaction when we stayed at a fancy hotel

My reaction during the ride to the movie theater when all my friends are nonchalant about being late

My reaction upon discovering that I misspelled my email address on the rsum Ive been sending out for the past 4 months

Ordering at the drivethru for my family and the guy keeps asking quotDoes that complete your orderquot after every item

Talking to my mom on the phone

The sun is shining and its 58 C 424 F in Finland

Trying to teach my daughter a joke but she keeps repeating what I say

uJPDeathBlade after they finally caught suspect 2

Walked in on my roommate jerking off

Watching Spaceballs with my wife whos never seen it

When a chick flick makes me laugh

When a girl at a party asks for a cigarette and Im the only smoker

When a girl says have you noticed anything different

When a website tells me Im already a registered member

When a young child is staring at me and their parent is facing the other way

when girls on rgonewild say that cant find any guys to have sex with them

When Google Maps isnt working and my wife asks me if I know where Im going

When I accidentally click the Photoshop icon on my taskbar because its right next to Chrome

When I accidentally liked a girls bikini picture from the quotHawaii 2009quot album

When I come back from buying another beer and my buddy is talking to a hot girl

When I fail a test I really studied for

When i fall asleep on the bus and miss my stop

When I finished eating a frozen dinner and realized the box said quotfamily sizequot

When I got a username mention in rteenagers

when I have gone to bed but I forgot to piss

When I hear my German Shepherd whimper as I walk out the front door

When I learn that Joseph GordonLevitt wrote a movie that requires him to have lots of sex with his costar Scarlett Johansson

When I meet a morning person

When I meet a woman and shes wearing the same perfume as my first girlfriend

When I pass someone walking into the bathroom I just shit in

When I realized I never have to spend another Thanksgiving with my exwifes family again

When I run into my boss on the weekend

When I see a deleted comment with 212 downvotes

When I see a fight break out in the hood

When I see someone else pulled over by the police on the highway

When I see the waiter walk by with someone elses food that looks better than mine

When I spot Super Smash Bros being played at a party

When I tell my friends I am going to get another drink while already drunk

When I try to register and the website says I already have

When I walk into the kitchen and see my dogs going after the trash can

When Im drunk at a party and someone introduces them self to me

When Im one of the only ones who actually BYOB to a party

When Im sleeping over at a friends place and their parents start fighting during dinner

When Im the first one to show up at a party

When Im walking with my lesbian friend and a ridiculously hot girl is across the street

When Im watching something for the first time and I realize its the source of a popular gif

When Ive just finished a 100 problem multiple choice test and I notice I only have 99 bubbles filled in

When my 7AM Professor ends up being hilarious

When my 14 year old asked if she could go to an outdoor rave with her friends OC

When my boss says that I can leave work early if I want to

When my brother asked me quotHow do I submit something to the front pagequot

When my ex asks if Im single

When my friend proudly presented his finished PhD project to me which is on a subject I know nothing about

When my friends keep asking me why i dont want to go out and Ive run out of BS excuses

When my friends son kept finding Waldo within a few seconds

When my GF and I get paid on the same day

When my girlfriend said that I am better in bed than her ex because his D was too big

When my girlfriend says someone looks good in a bikini in her magazine

When my nephew tells me he wants to be a dinosaur fighting ninja when he grows up

When my professor briefly has their desktop on screen before loading the power point

When my son says he wants mommy to tuck him instead

When my twoyearold turned on my iPad and reset it to factory default

When my wife and I hosted her lesbian friend for dinner and they started talking about her sex life

When people text me quotHappy Valentines Dayquot

When someone asks me to do something right after I sit down

When someone comments quotWarning butthole pic belowquot

when someone posts a gif that loops right

When someones comment sets me up perfectly for a reaction gif

When the bank clerk tells me my account balance

When the GIF is the same size as the thumbnail

When we ask my married friend to come to the pub with us

When were arguing and my wife says its getting late

When your friend introduces you to someone for the first time and then leaves to take a phone call

Whenever I see someone using a GIF I created

Whenever I see the person whose GIF I stole