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besttoyeever - random pics.

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chuck - random pics.

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drinking problem

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ginger - random pics.

joke - random pics.

lady - random pics.

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leapyears - random pics.

love - random pics.

music - random pics.

sda - random pics.

sneeze - random pics.

sparta - random pics.

to high - random pics.

train - random pics.

view - random pics.

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    Allthough the mayans did not account for the leap year, their calender was also much more accurate than ours. The reason we have a leap year, is because in a year there are techincally 365.25 days. So every four years we are behind a day, which is why we have a leap year. So we can make up for the lost time. The mayans calender was so accurate it was estimated that their calender was off by only 15 minutes every 20 years. Not that a believe the world is going to end, but the 12/21/2012 on the mayan calender will be around the same date of 12/21/2012 on our calender. Hope this clears it up :)

    Thank you for that in-depth explanation; it was concise and effective in displaying your argument and I don't see why anyone would deem it necessary to -1 you.
    - Jackylegs April 4, 2012, 9:39 pm
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    #15 in case anyone's wondering:

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    #13 HE IS A LADY!! Haha :)

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    #3 THIS IS ME -_-

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