RIFT is the new MMORPG from Trion worlds. I'm currently playing on the head start as I pre-ordered the game and I was just wondering if anyone plays or is thinking of playing. I played in beta and have been playing for a couple of days. I would recommend the game to anyone who likes MMORPG games. The website www.riftgame.com if your interested.
Now some cool pictures and wallpapers :)

area 3 - rift

area 2 - rift

area 4 - rift

area 1 - rift

defiant 1 - rift

defiant - rift

gaurdian 1 - rift

gaurdian 2 - rift

gaurdian - rift

mount 1 - rift

goblin - rift

mount 2 - rift

rift 1 - rift


rift 2 - rift

rogue - rift

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    how does it compare to other mmo's like WoW, Aion and guild wars cos i watched the trailer and it looks great

    I played wow for a year and a half. Then i played this and i can honestly say it is better in every way. Graphics are amazing for an mmo. Gameplay is actually fun. The rifts work so well and add different play style to the game. The dungeons at early level are more involving. An all round better game.
    - GinjaNinja February 28, 2011, 5:12 am
    wow cool i'll deff look into getting this i think it came out today in australia so yay!
    - Nightmare February 28, 2011, 4:49 pm
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    I play on an RP-PvE server, and I'm loving it. I agree with the comment GinjaNinja said. I've also played WoW for 6 years and can say that this game is much more fun. I highly enjoy the class system in here, very little pigeon holing here. It's alot more open to personal taste. Well worth the 50 bucks. Also if you get in before March 15th you get a discount on the 90 day sub fee.

    Nice to see some similar opinions. :)
    - GinjaNinja March 4, 2011, 8:47 am
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