Pwnzelite What the FuCk!?!

Hello there fellow sharenationians… is that a word? if its not i’m going to make it a word , well any way right now i am tired as FUCK and have decided to write about it πŸ™‚ with alot of winks out loud πŸ˜›
so right now it is 5:25 and i started writing at 5:23
i feel like a badass, dont ask me why i just feel like shooting a hoothoot in the foot , kinda like what what in the butt if you know what i mean? shit my room is hot and i cant even see my breath hmmm ima see what movies are on the movie channel… hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm nothing good that i haven’t or wanted to see

No sharenatonians is not a word and google spellcheck is trying to fuck with me the closest word to it is washingtonians? wtf kinda crack where they smoking , must have been the crack kind

what if we are aliens? what if we are aliens? what if we are aliens? oh shit i didn’t realise i kept going on with that , my bad.

sometimes i get real tired and my eyes start hurting but i cant sleep because i am a noob a sleepin so my mind stays awwake πŸ™

i feel like neo in the matrix because i feel like i can dodge bullets and whatnot

How come rico gets all the tree’s with bananas?

how come rico has alot of dollar bills?

who is rico?

why do i wink so much?maybe its because im awesome? how many awesome people wink? the fonz !! EHHHHHH sit on it!

WAHHHAHAHAHA benunauhnuhnuhnuh i bet you didn’t know those were me making guitar sounds

5:36 and no sign of the WT-
oh shit no the sn-
get down john hes in th-
and thyats howyy bacame a hearoo
your telling me your a millionaire?
haha weez is sitsing wiff a millionaire
yeass me and bubbas made da bubbagump

you can have shrimp shrip or lemon shrimp or watermellon shrimp or chicken shrimp or broiled shrip… i finnk i justsa bout covad eit

i was playing pokemon on my emulator two days ago for 3 days straight no sleep or nuffin and now im so sick of it i literally get sick of the sight of those pixels but something draws me back to it

did you ever want the person who…wait? who the fuck is rico?

i saw a little person once , he was in my house running around he was hairy and had weird things on his cheeks. wait no i think its my cat

why are they called trolls?
they don’t eat flesh or kill people they just post a semi-racist comment and sit back and laugh, they should be called hyenas, but then again they don’t have friends hmmm

what is the definition of a badass in YOUR oppinion i dont know what or whom rico is but i think hes a ghost

did you know the static we recieve on our tv comes from lightyears away into our broadcasting stations BECAUSE i did πŸ™‚

why why why why why why why why why why why why why

if i became a famous person would you guys still like me? or would you like me more and not say holy graily shit its like the one of us lies and one of us tells the truth paradox!
well it is 5:53 now and im bored as HELL
i wonder if hell is cold or hot? some peopel are liek hot as hell and then cold as hell boring as hell , what if hell is liek this really chill place where all the cool guys hang and relax kick back and have a beer?

why is bacon so good? you know when they say stuff that taste good is bad well bacon is good i don’t give a shit what you say so fuck yoo
Al gore and global warming ! your a liar pinhead nugget shit!
danimals yea thats right motherfucker i called you DANIMALS cuz thats how i pronounce your name WATCHOOTALKIN BOUT WILLIS! It is 5:59 and lets count down till 6 o clock 9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…0…-1…-2…. aww fuckit the time wont change for shit oh tere we go nvm WHO IS RICO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
23 more minutes to go with you chestnuts

hey guys i got a joke what do you call nuts on a wall wallnuts NO a glory hole πŸ˜€ what do you call nuts on a chest ! chestnuts NO tea bag what do you call nuts on your chin BLOWJOB NO Chinnuts πŸ™‚
i feel like a troll πŸ™‚

DOESN’T HAVE A POINT OF VIEW KNOWS NOT WHERE HE’S GOING TOO! he might be making his plans for Rico

did you ever feel like punting a midget? like reallll far to , like a hundred yards or so and than jsut being like beat that bitches! and then a bunch of your friends come over with midgets in tehr hand and drop kick them and they fly and then captain falcon gives them falcon pawnch? well it is almost 6:25 and i’m almost DONE! thats what she said somebody to love ohh i need somebody to love ooohhhhh i want somebody to love ehhhhhhhhh oh fuck it im posting it now πŸ˜€ ENJOY πŸ˜€

just need to find a suitable thumbnail

well i have been looking for a few minutes so i might actually legitmatly make it to 6:25

holy molly i might not make the deadline oh what is rico going to do to me πŸ™