Post Your Pets :D

I dont think there's another post like this one, if so, sorry about that :P
Just post pics of your pets! These are my pugs :)

daffy in bed

crazy eyez copy

she has such lovely eyes...

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    My leopard gecko...
    picture 004 - post your pets :d

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    i actually forgot my dress socks in chicago when i went on x-mas exodas

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    Heres my dog... called... simba (plz dont mock xD)

    simba - post your pets :d

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    sdc10024 - post your pets :d

    sdc10013 - post your pets :d

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    These are my pets...

    dsci0393 - post your pets :d

    (He's a beagle, and I love the way he winks)

    Belle I walk widda kik

    (She's a Chihuahua, and my baby X3)

    Sei-Hime(Black), Mellow(White), and Sundae(The last Rat)...
    Sei himeMellow

    sundae - post your pets :d

    (They're all very sweet rodents >.<)

    And these are my sister's cat's, Juice(Black) and Angel(Orange)...
    juice2 - post your pets :d

    dsci0400 - post your pets :d

    Sorry, I was gonna post sooner but I didn't feel like it until now.
    I love my pets very much! <3 (And I like everyone elses pets too! Big dogs rock, and little dogs are just the cutest! X3)

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    Heres my huge Saint Bernard

    duke of wellington

    His name is Duke of Wellington =D

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    This is my boxer. He's a rescue dog called Lewie.
    alex123phone 007 - post your pets :d

    alex123phone 073 - post your pets :d

    alex123phone 072 - post your pets :d

    I love your Pugs!! +3

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    i dont understand why everyone is freaking out over the guy's clothes....just calm the fuck down

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    My cats never miss an opportunity in front of the camera. They are a great help when setting up my photo studio.

    Miss Beebers
    beebers - post your pets :d

    (Alec) Trevelyan aka Trevvy
    trevvy - post your pets :d

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    Yeah well i have a homosexual guinei pig called baldrick. top that lol

    • Tiggy
    • November 8, 2009, 8:08 am
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    Here is my cooper!
    dscn7315 - post your pets :d

    • IamPro
    • November 12, 2009, 12:33 pm
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    My australian shepard, Dusty. :)

    028 - post your pets :d

    yes, he likes to curl up in blankets

    038 - post your pets :d

    last winter

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    This is my Greyhound, Stella
    s7000289 - post your pets :d

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    this is my super fat kitty Eddie. he likes to tan outside with me lol
    img00027 - post your pets :d

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    i prefer a thong! hahaha sorry couldn't resist :)

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    i had 2 female ginuea pigs..within 2 or 3 weeks we had 4 ginuea pigs!!!!

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    How cute! I like the boxers, too. My brother just got a boxer puppy

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    illegal ass whit socks

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    haha I love the little figurines in there with him

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    yea, btw its a her. O3O

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    Btw, I love your Rotweiler(Yes, I spelled it wrong). I had one when I was little and her name was Sadie. I probaly would still have her today if my fucking dad wouldn't have killed her. But yeah, Love your dog...<3

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    omg I love your rats! we used to have one at school named Lars after the drummer of Metallica but he died :'(

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    Your dog is now my hero!

    • Jozzoh
    • November 4, 2009, 8:11 pm
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    I love boxers

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    One day , I'll post pictures of my bull dogs (;

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    My Fishy died :(

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    Holy crap, he's huge. i'm pretty sure all three of my pugs could hitch a ride on your dog's back

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    i dont think it was a fail, its a cute dog +3

    • 9dave
    • October 8, 2009, 10:16 am
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    not a fail! YOU FAIL

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    yhea u failed

    • H2MW
    • October 26, 2009, 2:00 pm
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    how did he kill her?

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    my cat which died a few years ago was 20 years old (older than me) and he looked just like Orange. Now I have a White Chihuahua and he's adorable =]

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    Not a fail! +3! Loved all the pics! soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!

    • wertz3
    • November 8, 2009, 3:52 am
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    we're freakin' because its a UNIFORM. which means its supposed to be worn a certain way. i guess we freak b/c we're old enough to dress ourselves in the military and our mom doesnt do it for us! :0

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    i liek doggiez

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    ur dog looks depressed

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    omfg!! I have a little light brown chichihuahua named belle too! :D

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    Awsoommeness XD

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    Post removed by author.

    Post FAIL. Sorry! (New Here)

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    Needs a haircut... needs to shave.. no military bearing.. FFI white socks?! shipmate U FAIL badly

  • -5

    Nice white socks, dirtbag!

  • -12

    well this is a failed post lol nice try tho

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