Post Your Art / Doodles Here.

Hello people of sharenator
The name of the post sums up what the post is about
So yeah i will start with this :

s8301539 - post your art / doodles here.

More to come.
Edit: im currently working on a big board of cardboard, the plan is to fill it with my drawings will post pictures when completed. the picture below is were im up to :D

P.s If this has all ready been made i apologies,i didn't mean to make a repost.

dscf2549 - post your art / doodles here.

dscf2551 - post your art / doodles here.

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    It is kind of a repost...( ) but since you said sorry it's ok. I LOVE your drawings! The one of 2-d rules. Love the Gorillaz:)

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    Thanks for the feedback, im really into the gorillaz
    and the matter of repost, i did do some research to see if any one had done one like this and i did come cross the one you have mentioned but didn't think it was the same thing but ok. thanks for looking at the post

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