Pokemon collection of lolz

Some of these may be reposts, but I just decided to compile a few of my favourites in one place, you know? Enjoy.

Brock Obama

evolution pokemon

Oak Came

not a single fuck was given that day

shirt ninjabot magikarp

Cruela Devil Pokemon Poacher by angelwingkitty

1244351027306 - pokemon collection of lolz

633815312643262370 pokemonfights - pokemon collection of lolz

tumblr kpm73i4gpv1qa2coao1 400 - pokemon collection of lolz

ekansarbokmuk - pokemon collection of lolz

mewtwo funny

togepi - pokemon collection of lolz

islam pokemon

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    But when we mean repost we mean on this site... This place is called Sharenator not originator geez

    • noodle
    • June 7, 2010, 11:16 am
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    haha nice +3

    • Mizuno
    • June 3, 2010, 6:07 pm
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    Meh 1+ only sorry too many reposts.

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    Well the way I see it, unless you made something up yourself, everything on this site is a repost of something off another site. For the record, I did try to find ones that weren't already here.

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