Picture Challenge 4! v2.0

***Please Read This***

- I am accepting ideas for future contests, any1 who gives me a worthy idea that i end up using gets 10% of that post
- Please uprate this to at least around 30 points so the winner of the last challenge has some reparation for his efforts. Thank You

***Please Read This***

Congrats to Mrcbccadetx0 for winning the last challenge

For this Challenge, I want to see your best sign picture! there are some funny ass signs out there. Anything from street signs to funny billboards are acceptable!

Winner get 50% of the next post!

Again, please limit it to 4 pictures per try(comment).

Dig deep, find some good pics, post them here and goodluck!

funny signs002 Funny Signs s599x349 29836

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    well i guess im ending this series

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