chatroulette trolling black friday

chatroulette trolling cant tell if trolling or legitimate advice

chatroulette trolling i see a little silhouetto of a post

chatroulette trolling my friend wanted my positive opinion of their new job1

chatroulette trolling nightmare girlfriend

chatroulette trolling pizza vegetable

chatroulette trolling platform nine and three quarters

chatroulette trolling resistance is futile

chatroulette trolling roommate alert system

chatroulette trolling thats because you are a car

chatroulette trolling the history of white people

chatroulette trolling they are everywhere

chatroulette trolling this should be in shops

chatroulette trolling untitled5

chatroulette trolling untitled6

chatroulette trolling untitled64

chatroulette trolling untitled65

chatroulette trolling untitled66

chatroulette trolling untitled67

demotivational posters aliens1

demotivational posters broccoli

demotivational posters bros and hose

demotivational posters caesar im sorry

demotivational posters demotivational posters

demotivational posters doesnt matter7

demotivational posters dont worry

demotivational posters golden showers

demotivational posters golden showers

demotivational posters here

demotivational posters her eyes

demotivational posters hitler doing sudoko

demotivational posters i am driving an inflatable dalek

demotivational posters in that case

demotivational posters its not

demotivational posters it locks your scroll

demotivational posters like a boas

demotivational posters japanimation

demotivational posters my best

demotivational posters one of them

demotivational posters one of us

demotivational posters pressure

demotivational posters so

demotivational posters timmy

demotivational posters untitled20

demotivational posters well6

demotivational posters what has been seen4

demotivational posters when suddenly

demotivational posters winter

demotivational posters wtf3

funny pictures history before they invented dry erase boards

funny pictures history flappers thought they had it all the vote smoking drinking and petting parties

funny pictures history hedwig

funny pictures history id like to see the size of the gumball machine that gives you this

funny pictures history old school bat man

funny pictures history shhh lets all pretend brad hasnt got a lampshade on his head

funny pictures history she could never imagine

funny pictures history shhh lets all pretend brad hasnt got a lampshade on his head

funny pictures history survive the

funny pictures history the holiday season

funny science news experiments memes oh yeah he knows whats good

funny science news experiments memes sometimes you just cant be

funny science news experiments memes the feynman wisdom or feyndom

funny science news experiments memes the sad part is ive had to say this to people

hurr durr derp face baby mades a derp in its diaperrrr

hurr durr derp face derp a licious

hurr durr derp face furends fureverrr

hurr durr derp face mah bruain iz derpy

hurr durr derp face mah phinger iz tasty

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hurr durr derp face omgosh

hurr durr derp face urrrrnd urrrr derp it all about

koma comic strip big difference

koma comic strip dang it leeloo

koma comic strip dogwarts school of obedience and wizardry

koma comic strip i expect you to die

koma comic strip isnt that true

koma comic strip scumbag harry potter

koma comic strip the worse the better

koma comic strip vaders search is over

koma comic strip yo dawg i heard you like games

superheroes batman superman and wears warm hats

superheroes batman superman as do we all

superheroes batman superman batman meets popeye

superheroes batman superman classic and hell be looking good

superheroes batman superman if its beer time for tony then im grabbing one too

superheroes batman superman its an old feud

superheroes batman superman make men of iron

superheroes batman superman mums the word

superheroes batman superman need a christmas gift why not batarangs

superheroes batman superman now all the avengers are sex tastic

superheroes batman superman ouch

superheroes batman superman spidey follows the rules

superheroes batman superman take the dump

superheroes batman superman ten points for accuracy

superheroes batman superman told you so

superheroes batman superman warmachine he wants your cookies

superheroes batman superman well at least theyre helping

wtf photos videos ouch

wtf photos videos say cheese

wtf photos videos sit on grampas nap norman bates style

wtf photos videos so many awkward moments could have been avoided if id had this book

wtf photos videos untitled

wtf photos videos untitled19

wtf photos videos when we were kids

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    demotivational posters hitler doing sudoko PicDump MEMEBASE s450x572 268925 580

    1 thats not how you spell sudoku and 2 awkward wording for one of our members lol

  • 3


    I don't think so..
    tujanh - picdump memebase

    • JV34
    • December 2, 2011, 7:41 pm
  • 2

    The chopped fingers made me gag.

    • TexBex
    • November 29, 2011, 1:54 pm
  • 2

    im going to prove your wrong! haha! i did it!! actually. it lasts until 10sec. :DD

  • 1

    Did anyone notice that in #3 BEN from the Zelda Creepypasta Posted?

    Yes, I actually did
    - CTUDirector November 29, 2011, 3:17 pm
  • 1

    #43 have those

    • Zayne32
    • December 2, 2011, 10:30 pm
  • 1

    #5 They're called prostitutes, they don't like it when you call them your girlfriend... unless you pay extra.

    #93 I almost did a spit take lol

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