Physics is cool (GIF collection)

6Lb Mercury Balloon Popped

a b c

A carnation frozen in liquid nitrogen meets a hammer


AvianInspired Grasping For Quadrotor Micro Aerial Vehicles

Bernoullis Principle

Bolt heated by electricity

Cavitation bubbles of an AK47 fired underwater

Chladni patterns 1

Chladni patterns 2

Chladni patterns 3

Chladni patterns 4

Chladni patterns 5

Collision of two Holmberg Galaxies

corn syrup

Coupled oscillators two pendula attached to a string create a coupled system and they transfer energy back and forth between each other

Droplet bouncing on a vibrating fluid bath

Dropping a cannonball into mercury

Drummers trick

Dyes dissolving in methanol

each dot moves in a straight line

Electrical Treeing

Electromagnetic wave

Electrostatic effect on water

Energy Transfer

erenkov radiation


Friction Drill

GIF of asteroids caught in the Lagrangian points of Jupiter and the Sun

Hammer and Electricity

Helical Orbits

How a fusion engine would work in theory

Induction Heating

KelvinHelmholtz Billows

Light refraction through a prism Note the different speeds of different wavelengths of light in the prism

Liquid Nitrogen Explosion and 1500 Ping Pong Balls

Magnets at work

Nuclear Fission Visualized

Numerical modeling of a seismic induced slope failure

One way that we know the Earth isnt hollow P and S waves of Earthquakes reflect differently

Paper clips on an electromagnetic train GIF

Perspective meets physics

Phase space of coupled disk dynamo

Plane aerodynamics

Polymer beads with a refractive index nearly identical to water are almost invisible when submerged

Purifying water with electrocoagulation

Rapid phase change of supercooled water

Relativistic wheels

Rolling Racers Moment of Inertia failed Wikipedia animation figured Id post here

Slinky drop SlowMotion

SlowMotion Lightning

SlowMotion Welding

Solar Power Melting Steel

Sometimes space junk from Apollo 12 gets recaptured by Earths orbit

Star and Black Hole nearly collide

Sulphur Hexafluoride 612 gL

supercooled water

Surface Tension of Water

Tesseract fourdimensional analog of the cube

That Shockwave

The apexes of all possible parabolic trajectories for a given initial speed all lie in an ellipse of invariant eccentricity

The Chaos in a Double Pendulum

The GIF that started it orange LED in liquid nitrogen

This is cooooool

Tuning fork touching water surface

Twodimensional elastic collision

Unusuallyshaped solids of constant diameters

Vanishing Water Balls

Vortex ring collision

Water freezing rapidly

What happens when a stream of water is exposed to an audio speaker producing a loud 24hz sine wave