Pet Peeves...

What are your biggest pet peeves.
Mine are:
1. People who you have to explain something 50+ times to.
2. People who pull out a cell phone while you are talking to them.
3. People who have no consistency.
4. Drama queens

EIDT: 5. People like stender321 who come on here and treat everybody else like shit. That's probably my biggest pet peeve.

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    2) People who talk too close.
    3) People with a blatant disregard for grammar while texting/typing.

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    1. People that talk about pet peeves
    2. Texting while talking to someone
    3. People that park on the line in parking lots
    4. Crack Whores!

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    "people who have blatant disregard for grammar" really??

    Should I assume that you were being ironic when typing the first two? If so, well done. It was a very subtle joke and I am pleased I spotted it.

    If not:

    1: Nobody can eat quiet. It is not a foodstuff. You possibly meant to write "eat quietly".

    2: You can't talk "too close". You can talk too quietly(that word again)or too loudly. However, you can talk while being too close to someone.

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    Number 3 reminded me of a brilliant product i seen online.

    I have posted it here:

    Sounds like you could use them...

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    2.people that say "like" way too much.
    3.people who have absolutly no honesty.
    4.Drama queens
    5.People who interupt your every sentence.

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    1.friends that come in ur house whenever without ascking who think they live there.
    2.people who make no sense at all when they talk
    3.people who get angry for no reason
    4.people who text when u are having a conversation with them or u r playing them at madden

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    1. Chocolate flavored tootsie roll pops.
    2. Clip-on/zip up ties/bow ties.
    3. Idiocy
    4. Insurance companies calling you in the middle of class just to tell you that this is the last warning about such and such. I never got a first one!

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