Pencil vs. Camera

tumblr l8jul8cfZS1qak6gz

tumblr l8julf2ph01qak6gz - pencil vs. camera

tumblr l8julndCEY1qak6gz

tumblr l8julydJtG1qak6gz

tumblr l8jumb2C8X1qak6gz

tumblr l8jumj1teX1qak6gz

tumblr l8jumsZ1wv1qak6gz

tumblr l8juo0sD5j1qak6gz

tumblr l8juoclAGT1qak6gz

tumblr l8jupoL9bs1qak6gz

tumblr l8jur9aYqU1qak6gz

tumblr l8jurivtwk1qak6gz

tumblr l8jupxkN7m1qak6gz

tumblr l8juqjN8Sh1qak6gz

tumblr l8juqdqda21qak6gz - pencil vs. camera

tumblr l8juqu0HtS1qak6gz

tumblr l8jurrMJ8a1qak6gz

tumblr l8jusjmoOY1qak6gz

tumblr l8jut7amm51qak6gz - pencil vs. camera

tumblr l8jurzkEJG1qak6gz

tumblr l8jusxFEPF1qak6gz

tumblr l8jutgzoa11qak6gz - pencil vs. camera

tumblr l8juu7MoHm1qak6gz

tumblr l8jutokHIZ1qak6gz

tumblr l8juuiE9hD1qak6gz

tumblr l8juupeeUj1qak6gz

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  • 1

    I love these, they're awesome! :D +3

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    13 is my fav

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    Very nice made +3, this is why I'm on Sharenator.

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    HaHa Nice one mate +3. I would have t say that my favorite one's are 7 and 8.

    7 would have to be my favorite also by far
    - buddyfoeva March 6, 2011, 5:32 pm
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    17 is my favorite. :)

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