Paul and/or Darius.

Hi guys

Would it be possible to get another list up? This time could we see who is top for for average points per post? It would be nice to see who posts quality and who has 100 posts with just 3points.


Oh yeah sorry this is a post and not emailed to you feedback address but i wasn't sure how to spell FEEDBACK???? But then who is...

feedback - paul and/or darius.


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    Just a quick comment (posting using a cell phone).
    I think it's a very interesting idea. I'm all for it.

    About the 'feedback' email - thanks for bringing this up, I'll fix it asap.

    • Paul
    • October 22, 2009, 9:40 am
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    I do agree with this!!!

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    I approve this post

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    This post has been approved by me

    • wertz3
    • November 10, 2009, 4:37 pm
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