Parody marathon #4 THE Midnight Beast

The Midnight Beast are sortof comical band, who started doing parodies of songs, and then started doing some of their own songs, which you should go check out. My favourite songs of theirs are Lez be friends, Booty call, Pizza in Ibitha, the dance routine e.t.c. there's just so many good ones.

Anyway here are their best 3 parodies, and what better way to start it off than with the one that started them off, a parody of TIK TOK by Kesha, where she even comented on the song saying "holy. shit. this is better than my version."

Now for my favourite parody of theirs, a parody of Katy Perry's ET:

And thirdly their parody of down. whrere Jay Sean comented "Hahha brilliant"

Another good parody by them is their parody of All time low-the wanted and friday-rebecca black
Like i said they are amazing, and pesonally i find their actual songs better than their parodies, so here's a link to their wiki-page, with extra information on their songs and stuff, like the new book they released and the idea of an upcoming sitcom?
and their official page:

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