Paranoid Parrot

tumblr l6ydapho151qcqorzo1 500 - paranoid parrot

Same car behind me for 2 minutes im being followed

tumblr l7vp8bK1xT1qcqorzo1 500

Behind same car for three turns Hell think Im following him

tumblr l7w198bt2i1qcqorzo1 500 - paranoid parrot

tumblr l8k1q8EvGM1qcqorzo1 500

tumblr l7vpesupo31qcqorzo1 500 - paranoid parrot

tumblr l77s7mqle41qcqorzo1 500 - paranoid parrot

tumblr la1rz6Mnlq1qcqorzo1 500

tumblr la1tizjIZC1qcqorzo1 500

tumblr la1us54kru1qcqorzo1 500 - paranoid parrot

tumblr l77t4yvjm41qcqorzo1 500 - paranoid parrot

tumblr lbf9ehNMBa1qcqorzo1 500

tumblr lbw7qaJGgj1qcqorzo1 500

tumblr lbw4zbJijo1qcqorzo1 500

tumblr ldt1htvjs91qcqorzo1 500 - paranoid parrot

tumblr ldt2z6e0xn1qcqorzo1 500

tumblr libyq773mz1qcqorzo1 400 - paranoid parrot

tumblr lgj6r76egj1qcqorzo1 500 - paranoid parrot

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    I relate to him on many levels

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    #19 is so true..

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    I love Paranoid Parrot +3

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    I am so guilty of these....

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    I have never seen something more truer then #12

    • rain42
    • April 9, 2011, 5:34 pm
    yeaa m agree thats SO TRUE, now i have something to say...years ago my bro came in to my bedrom and change the channel that i was watching to porn channel when I was out looking for some food, and them he went out and when I came back to my room he came with me and yell ohh god you are watchig porn and then he told to my dad dadddd come here vanessa is watching porn and i said noooo i was not and he repeated yes she is and i said nooooo i was not and then my dad told me hey is ok you watch this there is no problem about that and I was like omg he dont belive me :O i was like wtf but i wasn´t....this was more weird since m a girl :P
    - vaneS April 9, 2011, 7:49 pm
    My brain would hurt less after reading that if you used periods.
    Also, if my dad ever asks what I'm doing in my room I always answer, "I'm watching porn, go away". That way if ever does walk in on me watching porn I can just say, "Well, I warned you".
    - drakengard85 April 10, 2011, 9:59 am
    I DO THE SAME THING...or I say im smoking pot...results are the same
    - hellsnyper April 12, 2011, 4:30 pm
    Whenever I come home late, I always say that I was out smoking pot! Great Minds Think Alike!
    - drakengard85 April 12, 2011, 5:38 pm
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