Opinions Sharenator?

SO Sharenator I need a little opinion on something please. I have a one man band called Republican Monkeys and I'm writing a song called "Voices of the people" and I need your opinion on the intro.


If you like the 35 second intro then put in the comments that it's good or okay. I'm not doing it for the points I'm going for your opinions. Again please tell me what you think. More post will be like this asking for your opinions. Most likely it be like this
1. Intro
2. Verse
3. Riff
4. Chorus
5. Ending
Just to tell you I'm a intermediate guitar player. I'm not good or bad. As far until June 15, 2012 it'll only be guitar and vocals. And if you play an instrument and want to help them record yourself playing and send it to SoadTdSk@yahoo.com And once again please help me out. And thanks if you comment.

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  • October 11, 2011, 2:25 pm
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