Only way to beat Cleverbot

User: Chuck Norris!

Cleverbot: I hate Chuck Norris.

User: Chuck Norris just killed you.

Cleverbot: Snap!

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    User: *chuck norris roundhouse kick*.

    Cleverbot: *gods roundhouse kick*.

    User: *my roundhouse kick*.

    Cleverbot: *thinks that you blush a lot*.

    User: That made no sense. Stick to the plot. *kicks in the face*.

    Cleverbot: *kicks harder in the place you don't want to get kicked*.

    User: My nose?

    Cleverbot: Yes yes, your nose.

    User: *kicks in the mother board*.

    Cleverbot: *punch in the face*.

    User: *throws fire*.

    Cleverbot: *aims shotgun at cleverbot*.

    User: *clever bot shoots itself*.

    Cleverbot: *Pokes Cleverbot*.

    User: *cleverbot is dead*.

    Cleverbot: *gokd.

    One liner:

    User: *blows up cleverbot* I win!

    Cleverbot: *dies*.

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