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    Stranger: hello
    You: i have a nice shaved pussy
    Stranger: you're a dirty girl
    Stranger: ?
    You: it loves 2 b touched and rubbed on
    Stranger: yes or no?
    You: it could be poked all night long
    Stranger: (((
    Stranger: do you poke it all night long?
    You: sometimes
    You: like right now
    You: im rubbing it
    Stranger: is it wet?
    You: wtf why would my cat be wet?!?!?!

    You have disconnected.

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    actual conversation

    Here is one I just did.

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    You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
    Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label 'Stranger:'. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying.
    You: i am here to help you with your problems?
    Stranger: 17 m bi horny
    Stranger: can u help with that
    Stranger: asl?
    You: hm...i think i might be able too
    You: maybe
    You: 16 f
    You: and mostly likely bi too
    Stranger: got any pics
    You: yes
    Stranger: can i c
    You: what do you want to see?
    Stranger: got any naked
    You: oh......those pics
    You: be more specific next time
    Stranger: do u got any
    You: any what?
    Stranger: naked pics
    You: of me or someone else?
    Stranger: idc
    Stranger: u or friends
    Stranger: im bi
    You: ok
    You: first of all...
    Stranger: can i c
    You: you are aware that there is a thing called porn out there right?
    Stranger: ya course
    Stranger: do u have any
    You: and you get get any pics you want...
    You: from porn
    You: why ask me?
    Stranger: i know i was wondering if i could c some of yours and i will show you mine
    You: so you were just curious if i was stupid and nieve enough to send you naked pics of me
    Stranger: i guess
    Stranger: do u have any
    You: kinda like curious george....
    You: and i could look up some porn for you?
    Stranger: no pics of u
    You: so now you dont want pics of me?
    You: your confusing......
    Stranger: i ment no porn
    Stranger: i do want pics of you
    You: why not??
    You: porn has videos you can watch, why would you want a pic of me
    Stranger: do u have any or not
    You: why cant you answer my question?
    Stranger: i dont llike porn but i like seeing hot chicks pics. ok
    You: ok
    You: how do you know im hot?
    Stranger: DO U HAVE ANY
    You: wow...geez
    You: calm down
    You: no reason to get mad..
    Stranger: im not mad.
    You: you yelled at me
    You: and it hurt my feelings
    You: ...
    Stranger: o i didnd mean a yell
    Stranger: i just wanted u to motice it
    Stranger: it seems like you havent been noticing this question
    You: just....*sniffle
    Stranger: do u have any bb
    Stranger: please
    Stranger: ?
    You: im insecure ok?!
    Stranger: sorry
    You: yea!
    Stranger: can i see bb
    You: ...
    You: whats bb?
    Stranger: baby
    You: aw....your sweet
    Stranger: its a nickname
    You: <3
    You: hm...what should yours be??
    Stranger: u pick baby
    Stranger: do you have any naked pics?????
    Stranger: and will you show me some
    Stranger: please baby
    You: cutie pie
    You: there
    You: thats a good one
    Stranger: ok bb
    Stranger: ??
    You: ...fine...
    You: i do have some revealing a bit....
    You: but i have issues
    You: ok?!
    Stranger: what u mean bb
    You: like what if you dont like it??
    You: then im hurt
    You: and i feel bad
    You: then i eat ice cream
    Stranger: i will like it baby
    Stranger: i promise
    You: how do you know?? you cant see the future can you?
    Stranger: can i see then i will tell Y i like them baby
    You: how can you possibly like everyone
    You: thats not possible
    Stranger: i will find something good
    Stranger: i promise
    Stranger: can i just see
    Stranger: then i will send you some pics of me
    Stranger: please
    You: something good??
    You: as in one thing?
    You: wow...
    Stranger: no like a trait
    You: self esteem just dropped even lower
    You: thanks...
    Stranger: you are misunderstanding me baby
    Stranger: can i see baby
    Stranger: wna do yo look like
    Stranger: what do you look like
    You: why you have a type? thought you liked everyone?
    Stranger: i do but
    You: yea see you wont like me
    Stranger: i can tell you how i will like them
    Stranger: then you can send them
    You: .....
    Stranger: what do u look like
    You: tall
    Stranger: and
    You: 4 limbs
    Stranger: be specific
    Stranger: hair
    Stranger: height
    Stranger: body type
    Stranger: eyes
    You: long
    Stranger: legs
    You: dark brown
    You: 5'8ft
    You: usually green
    You: long legs...tall
    Stranger: skinny?
    Stranger: chubby?
    You: wow...
    You: i dont know!
    You: ok
    You: .....
    Stranger: how much do u weigh
    You: really?!!
    Stranger: ?
    You: ...
    You: this is tough for me ok? and your not making it easier
    You: *sniffle...
    Stranger: are u skinny or chubby or what?
    Stranger: i like both baby
    You: your just saying that...
    Stranger: ya but u didnt answer
    You: so you did just say that?
    Stranger: ya but u didnt answer. whats the answer
    You: jerk
    You: ,ostly skinny ok
    You: *mostly
    Stranger: what do you mean
    You: i mean i have tits, ok?
    Stranger: thats good
    You: and they add quite a bit of weight
    Stranger: thats very goof
    Stranger: do you have a pic you can show me
    You: so you wouldnt have liked me if i didnt have big tits?
    Stranger: i would have but i like big ones
    Stranger: better
    Stranger: as long as you arnt flat chested
    Stranger: do you have a pic already baby
    You: give me a second ok...i need to write my feeling down for my therapy session tomorrow
    Stranger: ok
    You: yea i have to write them down routinely on a daily basis
    You: you know for the self esteem stuff
    Stranger: ok u ready to send me a pic
    Stranger: im glad i could help your esteem
    You: just about....
    You: crap!
    Stranger: ?
    You: i think i know why ive been kinda down today...
    You: i forgot to take the pills.
    You: oops
    Stranger: thats ok i have forgot to take my pills before
    Stranger: can i c the pics now
    You: are you still horny??
    Stranger: ya bb u?
    You: no
    You: well...
    You: im not sure
    You: i should write that feeling down too
    You: second
    Stranger: can i c the pics NOW please
    You: ...
    You: why are you getting pushy?
    You: im sorry...geez
    You: ok...its just
    You: ...
    You: i dont know now!!
    Stranger: im sorry
    Stranger: im just
    Stranger: VERY HORNY
    Stranger: and u are making me hornie
    You: and im not good enough right??
    You: argh...
    Stranger: you are
    You: maybe you should just disconnet
    You: ..i just
    Stranger: i just said you are making me more horny
    You: ...
    Stranger: can i c the pic please baby
    You: just go.
    You: ok
    You: ...*sniflle
    Stranger: i just wanna c the pic baby
    You: i just cant do this right now...
    Stranger: sure u can baby
    You: are you pressuring me into this..??
    Stranger: no
    Stranger: not at all
    Stranger: no presure
    You: you sure?
    You: cause you yelled at me a while back..
    Stranger: but u r good cool so can i just c th pic
    You: ....
    You: i dont know what to do now.
    Stranger: just send me the pic
    Stranger: thats all
    You: hm...i think i should have another opinion on this
    You: im gonna call my therapist a second

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    Fucking win! Haha

    • SuDoku
    • June 3, 2010, 11:29 am
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    this one was done by me :D it was so funny :D

    funny omegle convo

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    Me: Hi!
    Stranger: How are you?
    Me: Good thanks. ;-)
    Stranger: M / F?
    Me: 17-year old female.
    Stranger: Nice.
    Me: Very nice.
    Stranger: Wanna have some fun?
    Me: Sure...
    Stranger: Tell me what you're doing.
    Me: I stand above you, my breast quavering in the slight breeze.
    Me: My nipples stand out hard.
    Stranger: Oh, yeah.
    Me: I casually take of my top, draping it over your shoulder.
    Me: I stroke my nipples, easing my bra over them
    Stranger: Oh, yeah!
    Me: I ease the back of my short skirt over my ass, stroking it.
    Me: I ease it down, touching the inside of my thigh.
    Stranger: Yeah, baby.
    Me: I begin to slide down my thong, carefully, carefully...
    Stranger: I like it, babe.
    Stranger: What? You're disgusting.
    Me: Really?
    Stranger: Are you gay or something?!
    Me: You're the one that just gor smacked in the face with a dick...
    Stranger: Fuck you!
    Me: Have a nice day!

    - mariofox03 March 8, 2011, 7:53 pm
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    Already have an omegle post, just to warn you, nice stuff though

    • Dannyl
    • November 27, 2009, 2:52 am
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    If we keeping posting our conversations on that one post... it'll get really long and impossible to look through. :)

    But I do agree... Dannyl should have gotten some credit for this post.

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    Yeah that's a fair point, my posts do tend to be longer than i'd like sometimes ><

    • Dannyl
    • November 27, 2009, 8:15 am
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    hahahahahahhahaha i like to eat chalk so random

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    You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
    You: goku?!?!?!?!

    Stranger: heyy
    Stranger: asl?
    You: CELL WILL KILL U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You have disconnected.

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    how did u get the screen shots to upload to sharenator

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