OC short story

Pierre looked out across the water from the building he was in. another day had come and gone and with it approached his favorite few moments of the day. the sun was finally setting. he watched as the fiery orb gently drifted on its decent to the horizon. he smiled to himself as he let his mind wander out to the place he had yet to be. to the clear blue sky's and the sun that set so beautifully in the distance. he had long dreamed of stretching his wings and leaving this place but the bars infront of him would never allow his passage. he couldn't accept it at first, he tried many times to escape but always the cooled steal won out against him. he'd finally accepted his fate and became contented with his life. occasionally he would be allowed to fly free in the apartments he lived in. it was a joy he couldn't describe. but to feel the wind on his wings? it would bring him a joy, indescribable by words. he closed his eyes, and slipped into his vision. "oh, to fly free" he thought.

Let me know what you guys think?

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