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To Fly Free
Pierre gazed out across the water from the window of his apartment. Yet another day had come and gone and with its end, approached his favorite few moments of the day. The sun was finally setting. He sat in silence as he watched the fiery orb gently drifting on its slow decent to the horizon. He smiled to himself as he let his mind wander out once more to the world he knew in his heart he would never experience. To the clear blue sky's that spread out before him and the sun that set so beautifully in the distance.
He had long dreamed of stretching his wings and leaving this place but the bars that held him would never allow his passage. In his youth he hadn't been able to accept this and over the years he’d tried many times to escape his prison, but always the cold steal won out against him. And through the years his bold attempts had slowly come to be sporadic, the passage of time and the constant battling to escape finally beginning to wear on him.
And though the battle with the cage was one that occurred often, he was on occasion treated to the chance to stretch his wings in the room where dwelled. Though it seemed the room was always carefully checked and sealed before his release. For a time in his younger days he would use this to try and escape, but it seemed to be useless. It had been infuriating at first, his desire to escape this place was strong and burning inside of him, but as he grew older he had to admit to himself that which he could never accept in his youth. The fact that despite himself, he had some how grown to enjoy these brief moments of freedom.
The rush he felt as he fluttered about the room was intoxicating to say the least. It was the most incredible feeling he would ever experience. And it was in those brief moments of fluttering wings. Those rare, beautiful, fleeting moments, that he was finally able lose himself, however briefly, and experience only desire he had ever known. These short yet thrilling moments were what he lived for. The moments that offered him the chance of escape into a life he never knew. He grew to love this time and he spent every second that he could fluttering about from perch to perch. Yet as much as he enjoyed this time he knew deep within that it would never suffice for that craving that raged within him. So his struggle had continued on until his youth had faded, and with it his battle against the steel slowly came to an end. He had at last become contented with his life.
He grew to be happy with the mundane life he’d become accustom to, his time spent outside of his cage was treasured and held dear to him. But the time spent outside his enclosure always came a spark, a reminder that ignited that desire once more. It was from this spark that a question began to form. A question that had felt as if it had always been there right on the tip of his tongue, just waiting to be asked. It was as if it was the first question that had ever occurred to him. One so basic, so much a part of him that as a hatchling it had never needed to be formed into words, not until now, when the question had all but been forgotten with time. Now as he sat staring out across the water watching the sun’s decent to the horizon coming to it’s end, his thoughts turned to the question which now burned so brightly in his minds eye that it overwhelmed all other desires, and all other questions that would have come to him.

“What would it be like?” He thought, watching the sinking sunset. “To feel the wind upon his wings?”

His eyes gently closed as he slipped into his vision, imagining a joy indescribable by words alone. One that filled him to the brim with happiness, as the thrill of the flight took hold of his imagination.
As he sat on his perch the final moments of sunset reaching its end, with it the brilliant colors that had been strewn across the sky with the days end began to slowly fade with the receding light. Pierre took no notice, his eyes remained closed as he floated through his vision. As he flew amongst the clouds of a world beyond his own, the wind that he would never touch carried him onward, across the lands and water, onward through the endless skies. The scene caused a small spark, one that would never cast a light, to be struck within him. His smile never faded as he turned the thought from his youth over and over in his mind. Slowly his thoughts began to fade and his mind began to drift, still he clung to the wishful thought that had consumed his youth. And with a whisper it escaped him, fading quietly away with the last rays of the sun as it sank below the horizon, the colors that lit the sky disappearing into darkness.

"Oh, to fly free."

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