New inigration law

well i think that its needed, we need to limit the number of people coming into our nation. unless we want the number of people with out jobs to go up, we need to pass it NOW!!!

and now....your opinion

(i know i spelled "imigration" wrong....SHUT UP!!!!!)

  • DJ9090
  • May 13, 2010, 2:28 pm
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    This is a repost but I'll go along.

    Here is where you can read the bill for yourself:

    I don't think it is unfair. The law says that any lawful contact between a police officer and a civilian will result in a verification of legal citizenship status.

    Also they say it's wrong for an offcer to just pull you over and make you prove your identity. They say it's like the Gestapo here in America. But, many of the same people who oppose this bill were for the health care bill. With the health care bill at any time the govt can ask you to prove that you have health insurance. Don't that sound odd to you?

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