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Sup, I'm muisgreen and I decided after 6 months of sharenator i decided to make an account

Here's a little bio of myself:

name: Alex Um(yes my last name is Um)
Age: 16
Gender: male
Country: US
Hobbies: Video Games, sports, eating :D
Nationallity: Korean-American
Fav. Sharenator Person: Castlewarsisawesome\
Fav. Meme: Fuck Yea guy (I feel like him everyday)
Fav. Games of All Time- Starfox 64, Mario Kart 64, COD4, SC, and diablo II

Anyways, wish me luck and enjoy the posts and I'll enjoy your posts, too. :D

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    good luck, hope you got some good stuff to donate

    • February 7, 2011, 4:41 am
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    Welcome to sharenator! beware of the trolliban and very important! you must not forget your yearly bacon sacrifice to Dawn

    Thanks for the advice
    But one thing i'm really afraid of is Grammar Nazi he will kill me
    - muisgreen February 7, 2011, 4:54 am
    Oh you needn't worry about him
    - Reddeath195 February 7, 2011, 5:03 am
    lol i no :P just looking out for him
    - muisgreen February 7, 2011, 6:00 am
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