Neon signs

Trixie s House of Trixie

Twilight s House of Books

Applejack s House of Cider

CMC s House of Yay

Discord s House of Chaos

Fluttershy s House of Squee

Pinkie s House of Party

Rainbow Dash s House of Awesome

Rarity s House of Fabulous

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    Rarity's house of Fabulous is where I belong!

    cm 12715 05006fa866e85a - neon signs

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    first I go to the house of trixie and find out how to trick my mum, then I go to the house of books and act like I study, then I go to the house of cider instead, then I am going to the house of yay a bit, then I am doing a bit of chaos in the house of chaos, I am gonna squee allnight at fluttershys house, then I am going to have some fun in the house of party, it'll be so great that I gotta go to the house of awesome and then I wake up in the house of fabulous.
    So this was the story of my week end, how has been yours?

    • Vans
    • February 17, 2013, 6:19 pm
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