Need help deciding on the greater diety

As you all may know, as of late the Dark Lord Inglip has been summoned. Now, I know he "communicates" with the Re-Captcha tool, but I have a struggle of the mind:

Who is more powerful. The Dark Lord Inglip, or the Almighty Waffle?

Everyone knows the lord Inglip, but we are told to question not the Almighty Waffle.

Someone help.

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    Inglip is a troll.
    memes untitled

    However, this does not mean that he is weak, as trolls can be very powerfull.

    But more powerfull than both is Mark Gormley.

    “The legend goes that when Ozzy snorted that line of ants, they were heading towards the power and presence of Mark Gormley . This angered not Mark Gormley who understood that Ozzy knew not to where the ants were heading . But to this day there lives not an ant who forgives Ozzy for that day . Ozzy too suffers without a missed day knowing he denied Mark Gormley’s followers their desired destination …..”

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