Natu’s GIF Athon 4.5!

Due to a miscalculated estimation in points I am currently overstocked on all sorts of animated GIF files, and I’m passing the savings onto you!!! *Waves hands and looks upward at camera*
Whether you use it to Entertain friends, Keep busy at work, have something to watch while you eat dinner, or even just something to keep grandma from feeling alone, Natu’s GIF-Athons are sure to keep you entertained and coming back for more!

So, my tidbit of insanity and attempt at parody aside, the last GIF-Athon got less then one tenth the way through the folder! So now I’m going to make it so for this special .5 edition GIF-Athon (Limited Collector’s) it only costs 3 points to get a new GIF loaded up! That means each person has their own personal GIF! In fact, since I’m feeling so silly tonight… I’ll even put your name by the GIF you ‘Bought’, just be sure to post a comment of the points you raised (Like say, 0-3. 3-6. 6-9. Etc…)

GIF Files Remaining: 51





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