My two cents.

Now there's been alot of debate about rap vs. rock, etc etc. I'm here to show you the better of each genre. Each have their pop and indie counterparts but I found the better of the two can be found leaning towards the indie side. (indie meaning the bands or artists are signed to an independent label or just self release their own works.)

I'm not fond of the term, "I like everything but rap and country." It's time for you all to see the brighter side of it all.

Hip-Hop/rap/whatever the fuck you wanna call it, is often disregarded because of the bad reputation it has due to the pop music that is shoved in our face lately. Not all rappers are gangsters or just talk about money and sex. Some actually have something to say, some actually tell a story.

Prime example is, Brother Ali:

The albino Muslim single father has been touching the hearts of all who listen for years. Yes, he's Muslim. Who gives a shit? And yes, there's Immortal Technique, but Ali is more clean in his lyrics in my opinion.

Now, another disregarded genre is country. Real Country isn't Taylor Swift, it isn't Lady Antebellum. It's mothefucking Johnny fucking Cash and others like him.

Johnny Cash would be a great example but that's too easy. You'll shed manly tears at the voice and harmonics of this Alternative Country/Folk band.

Happy listening.

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