My reaction when I found out about dumbledore.....

i found out dumbledore is gay

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    im not a homophobe I just kinda wasnt expecting it at the time....

    I found it was really a kind of pointless statement to make. It clearly had no bearing on how the books unfolded and it was never mentioned or really even implied. It felt like one of those "what kind of 'controversy' can we start to get people talking about the books again" kind of things... a cheap PR stunt more than anything. Just my feelings on it though, I could be wrong... it's happened once or twice ;)
    - tempfaux January 14, 2012, 10:04 pm
    well the thing is..when the writers were writing the movie they had planned on giving dumbledore a backstory with a female love interest but then JK Rowling made the statement that Dumbledore was gay.
    - Vehemence January 14, 2012, 10:10 pm
    Well there ya go, I did not know that... mystery solved :)
    - tempfaux January 14, 2012, 10:44 pm
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    it was a shock but it kind of explained why certain things happened in the books. think about it as famous as he was he never mentions having had a wife or dating anyone. plus it takes on a whole new meaning when you look at his childhood and his relationships with certain characters. until it was stated that he was gay i always assumed he was straight. by changing this the relationship with grindiwald changes from best friends obsessively planning out a future and searching for the deathly hallows to the equivalent of two teens in love texting each other into the wee hours of the morning. this also explains why dumbledore wait so long to challenge grindiwald despite knowing that he was the only one who could beat him in a duel, and why grindiwald lied to voldemort. it was to protect dumbledores grave because despite the fact that dumbledore was the one who defeated him and sent him to be imprisoned he still loved and cared for him enough to try and protect him... even in death

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