My little nazi dolls

From best of craiglist.

“my hobby is collecting nazi dolls.
they are actually called ‘action figures.’
right now, i have around 65 of them, plus three big vehicles, two motorcycles and a pair of bicycles.
each guy costs around $40. the vehicles cost more. i will spend up to $100 on a good vehicle.

smoke this - my little nazi dolls

here’s the scharfuhrer lighting a cigarette.
i bought the lighter and his eyeglasses seperate.

drive 2 - my little nazi dolls

here are some high-ranking officers travelling by ‘kubelwagen.’
the kubelwagen was the german equivalent of the US Jeep.

fritz marius

here’s Marius the SS officer and Fritz the panzer cadet.
they are gay.
a lot of people in the ‘action figure community’ are mean to me because some of my dolls are gay.
i have around 65 action figures, but only 5 or 6 are gay.
but meanwhile, the people in this hobby act like all my guys are gay.
they are mean to me.

krauer lefty

the guy on the left is major krauer (he’s a pilot). those are flares on his leg. the other guy is lefty mcgill — he is a driver. i always have him driving some sort of vehicle.

naz box

here’s a bunch of guys in a cardboard box before i hide them – i have to hide them when my family comes to visit, or else they’ll think i am retarded.
i buy metal stands to hold them up, so they don’t fall over.
i also get special hats for certain guys.
i like to keep them looking fancy.
i really like my action figures, but i face a lot of prejudice from people — i bring gay guys home from bars and then they see my doll collection and they don’t like me any more.
and on the other end, my fellow doll collectors don’t like me because i am gay.”