My interesting Valentines Day

well for my valentines day, my girlfriend came over, everything wsa good until here mom called and her autistic brother ran away, so we rushed downtown (i dont live in a very big town, about 20,000 peeps) but anyways we drove around looking for him, the cops were everywhere, border patrol, state, local, and even neighboring counties in the area, and of coarse there was an amber alert, after driving around for 15 min i decide to get out and walk in the allies and places we cant see from the road, there were cops walking around to, about a hour or so later i get a call from my girlfriend saying they found him. we got back to her house and chilled for a minute, waited till they got back from THE STATE police station up town!!!! thats a good 6 miles away from downtown, he traveled that far with in an hour. after everything calmed down and he was home i took me n my girlfriends dog out, then i was playing with him and he scratched me inside my mouth.

i would upload a pic of my puppy but i dont have one \/_\/

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    hey not fair :(
    why you no post this in my post as well :(
    i wanted to combine every1s stories in one place
    however... you poor soul.. atleast you are not a forever alone XD

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    i thought i erased it from there my bad i started typing it there and finished it there, i copy n pasted it into one of my own posts o.o

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